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Diversity Management, a New Organizational Paradigm for Equality Policy-Making - Essay Example

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This research explores the extent to which diversity management was a new organizational paradigm for equality policy-making and how management of diversity has contributed to equal opportunity…
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Diversity Management, a New Organizational Paradigm for Equality Policy-Making
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Extract of sample "Diversity Management, a New Organizational Paradigm for Equality Policy-Making"

Download file to see previous pages The researcher states that the different diversity can be categorized into two, the social allied and the individual allied. In the social diversity, it is further subdivided into what is referred to as the six strands of diversity, which includes; ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, gender, age, and religion. In the individual differences, they can be classified into the following castes; personality, lifestyle, appearance, work style and education. The equal opportunity tends to downplay the aspect of discrimination based on the diversity factor. It is hinged on the emphasis of equal treatment of the individuals regardless of their social groups. The equal opportunity aspect is anti-discrimination program intended to provide relative social justice in the process of individual selection. Most of the human resource managers in the organization today appreciates the need to embrace diversity in the human resource and they have realized that if taken positively, the diversity aspect can make an organization realize its goals in the most efficient and predictable way. The tolerance for counterparts in the workplace is highly encouraged and any discrimination unfairly advanced to anybody be it on a social or individual level is taken seriously sometimes to the legal redress. The realization of the dangers of discrimination based on diversity led to the consideration of what is referred to as Equal Opportunity. In the equal opportunity aspect, politics have gotten into it and there are several schools of thoughts, other arguing that it is like a basket of fruits -this it to mean that even though there are equal treatment and opportunity for all, individual differences can still be recognized and be used in their reference. The other school of thought is that equal opportunity is like a melting pot, it assumes that under equal opportunity there is no recognizable difference among those to be considered. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Diversity Management, a New Organizational Paradigm for Equality Essay - 2.
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