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Policy: How can security be improve in department of education with children with disabilities - Article Example

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Since the mortal vanishing of 14-year-old Avonte Oquendo, who was suffering from autism, there has been increasing interest to curb the…
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Policy: How can security be improve in department of education with children with disabilities
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Extract of sample "Policy: How can security be improve in department of education with children with disabilities"

Download file to see previous pages Moreover, there are worrying statistics on the causes of tragedies in schools as some are because of negligence of staff (Karo, 2014).
This memo analyzes chancellor policy A-412, which sets forth the responsibilities of staff for maintaining security and safety in the schools. The regulation outlines detailed procedures of reporting and notifying as well as distinguishing students with special needs that require attention from school administrations. This is sometimes cumbersome since some incidents calls for immediate action before notification and reporting. The policy also establishes schools’ responsibilities in the event that police and other investigatory agencies seek to question staff. However, the regulation has not worked to benefit the students and staff; its provisions may have contributed to Oquendo’s disappearance, for instance.
This memo will evaluate the chancellor’s regulation no A-412 that gives medical exceptions and ways of improving security among disabled children in the Department of Education. It will do so by assessing the problem and current research, and making a recommendation on improving the security of disabled children in the care of the DOE.
It is exactly one year since NYC launched special education reforms initiatives referred as a shared path to success (White 2013). It was policy change aimed at mainstreaming the estimated 24,000 students in district 75, which is the DOE’s citywide special education district. It was also to streamline the roughly 180,000 students in public schools with Individualized Education Plans (IEPs). IEPs are meant for students with disabilities. According to this policy, not every student with an IEP is categorized as a District 75 student or those with severe disabilities.
The main goal of the reform is to educate students with special education needs in their communities so that they have ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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