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Among the so many available streams, the stream of social security is chosen for this report. This report is based on the local community. Social security is a wide topic which deals with providing protection to the deprived section of the society. …
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Social security
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Download file to see previous pages In addition to this, its major areas of concern are disability and carers services, the pension services and jobcentre plus. The department for social development (DSD) is mainly working in Ireland. It undertakes the responsibility of social security benefits, urban regeneration, pension and child support, community and voluntary sector development, housing and social legislation. DWP has an important section for jobseekers which is known as jobcentre plus. It provides assistance to the people of working age by informing them about the job opportunities and thus employers also get their vacancies fill. Thus, it works as a coordinator between employers and jobseekers. It is working in the direction of achieving the government’s aim of promoting independence and opportunity for all through modern and customer focused services. It has a view that providing work to the unemployed and economically inactive people is the best form of welfare. For this, it manages the supply of labour in very effective manner. In addition to this, it has replaced jobcentres because it provides help in both job-seeking and claiming benefits under one roof (Richmonshire District Council 2011). Child Support Agency, commonly known as CSA, is a part of the Child Maintenance and Enforcement Commission or C-MEC. This agency undertakes the responsibility of upbringing and maintenance of the children whose parents are not living together. These parents may be married, had their same-sex civil partnership dissolved, divorced, cohabited or never lived together (Alternative Family Law Cohabitation 2011). As per one report of The Guardian, children’s upbringing may cost around ? 186000. Thus children are expensive hence this agency...
The paper is a report which is based on a local community in the UK. In this report, the social security provisions of the local regions are undertaken. It is the basic responsibility of the government to protect its citizens against the certain hazardous situations occurs in the society by providing them some benefits. In context to this, UK government has reformed its department of social security into the department of work and pension which is a comprehensive form of this department. In the chosen stream of the social security, it is found out that there are various provisions that have been created for ensuring social security in the country. These policies have been proved very helpful for the people who are targeted to be benefited through it. There are five types of social security benefits which are provided to the needy people in the UK. These include social insurance that is paid on the basis of contribution, discretionary benefits that is social assistance for those who are not covered otherwise, mean-tested benefits are for low income people, universal benefits which are paid irrespective of needs or tests of means like old age pension ad family allowances, non-contributory benefits are provided on the basis of the need like people with disabilities.
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