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The Social Security Act - Research Paper Example

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The goal of this research paper is to critically examine the Social Security Act as a social welfare policy example. The writer of this paper suggests that the social security program is quite effective in fighting poverty and has been highly lauded by the masses…
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The Social Security Act
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Extract of sample "The Social Security Act"

Download file to see previous pages The Social Security Act was first released on August 14, 1935. Since then, there have been a number of adaptions made to the Act to ensure that every provided with every necessity. E.g., originally this act just provided necessities for employees who worked in the nonagricultural and commerce sectors. Now, however, almost all kinds of works are covered by this program.
The Old-Age, Survivors, and Disability Insurance (OASDI) is considered to be every American’s social right regardless of their financial need. In 1995, social security comprised of around one-fifth of the federal government expenses. The funding is done through payroll tax which is divided equally between the boss and the worker. These benefits are also adjusted as the living costs rise. To gain the benefits of social insurance, the individual must have made a contribution through payroll taxes when employed. Persons who contribute in this manner for at least ten years may be ensured that they will always be provided for by the government. The number and kind of benefits an individual receives depends on the amount of money that he earned and at what age he retired.
The government provides aid for the disabled as well. These are adults aged between the years of 18 and 64 who are not fit enough to have a well earning job. Disability is defined as “inability to engage in any substantial gainful activity by reason of any medically determinable physical or mental impairment which can be expected to result in death. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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Social Security Social security is a federal program that encompasses social welfare and social insurance programs. It is normally referred to as the OASDI, which is, Old-Age, Survivors, and Disability Insurance (Young 12). It is mainly charged with the mandate of looking into the welfare of the aged in the society to ensure that they have a means of provision despite their age. It also looks into the welfare of the survivors of tragedies or calamities and individuals that suffer loss due to the occurrence of disasters. Social security also looks into the welfare of the disabled to ensure that they have equal opportunities with other citizens to improve their livelihood. Due to the nature of the program, a large sum of money is re...
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Full employment does not mean zero unemployment but means a situation where an economy experiences only structural and frictional unemployment and an absence of cyclical unemployment. This is because structural and frictional unemployment are considered unavoidable and work positively to some extent too. The rate associated with full employment is known as the full-employment rate of unemployment or as the natural rate of unemployment (NRU) and is considered to be consistent with a level of unemployment that predominantly comprises voluntarily unemployed workers.1
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... of the program (Orr). Despite this, the Supreme Court has ruled that no one has legal right to social security benefits, and that entitlement to benefits is not a contractual right (Flemming v. Nestor). The origins of American social security lie in Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s New Deal, a series of progressive reforms during the Great Depression to build the foundations of a stronger economy. Roosevelt intended the Social Security Act to provide benefits to the unemployed and retirees. Retirees were encouraged to retire so that younger people could find jobs in the market. The government first collected payroll taxes in 1937. Over the years, however, the act itself was amended and changed to reflect the changing values of American society...
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... their entire working life. The Social Security Act helps to provide financial assistance for retirees, the unemployed, and people who have disabilities that prevent them from working and making their own living. Other categories of people that can benefit from Social Security include families with dependent children, maternal and child welfare, and the blind. The money for the Social Security fund comes directly from a percentage of a worker’s paycheck. Unfortunately, while those that currently receive Social Security appreciate the system, there are workers that are on edge about what will happen to them when they retire. There may be money in the system now - their money - but they fear that by time they retire there will be no money...
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...THE REFORMS TO THE SOCIAL SECURITY ACT OF 1935: THE DEBATE Two years after passing the Social Security Act of 1935, “[p]oliticians, economists, andother experts struggled to reform the law” (Kessler-Harris 2010, 436) due to its deflationary effect. In times of economic depression the Act, which caused money to go out of circulation till 1942, had to be amended so as to enable the money collected in the fund to be distributed much before that time so as to avoid deflation. The bureaucrats and legislators seeking to reform the law wanted to have some amendments to enable it to become more equitable and fair. However, not only were their actions racist, albeit disguised thinly, “[b]ut the new policies were also deeply embedded in widespread...
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... of the Number Email Address November 28, H. Social Security- Changing Perspectives and Approaches over Time Social insurance is a constitutional provision, based on the pragmatic premise that in democratic, capitalist societies, individuals and families may become vulnerable to economic insecurity owing to an array of unavoidable human circumstances like aging, retirement, unemployment, physical disability, loss of the earning member in the family, etc. The US Social Security is the biggest social insurance program in the world that incurs expenditure unsurpassed by any other similar program. The objective of Social Security is to extend a safety net to the US workers and their dependents impacted by retirement, disability, unemployment...
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