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The author, Fletcher explores the major components of an effective appraisal system. The book is endowed with illustrations of best practices that exhibit how effective employee…
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Preformance Appraisal
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References References Fletcher, C. (2008). Appraisal, Feedback and Development: Making Performance Review Work. New York, NY: Routledge.
This book is one of the most comprehensive sources of information about performance appraisal. The author, Fletcher explores the major components of an effective appraisal system. The book is endowed with illustrations of best practices that exhibit how effective employee appraisal process can motivate and develop an organisation’s workforce.
Guerin, L. (2007). Performance Appraisal Handbook, 2nd Ed. New York, NY: Consolidated Printers, Inc.
This book endows the reader with crucial information about performance appraisal process. It conveys significant information about staff motivation, employee development, identification and helping poor performers to improve their productivity. The book covers crucial elements of an effective performance review such as clear job expectations, training, and the establishment of performance-based rewards. This book provides useful information for understanding and developing effective performance appraisal systems, thus remain very crucial for every management scholar as well as practicing managers.
Saunders, R.M. (2000). The Agile Managers Guide to Effective Performance Appraisals, 2dn Ed. Bristol, Vt.: Velocity Business Pub.
This book outlines performance appraisal system aimed at enabling managers to appraise their employees effectively. The book identifies setting task objectives, documentation of employee performance, training employees, creating feedback mechanism and developing performance-reward system as some of the most crucial elements of an effective appraisal system. The book thus remains crucial for providing indispensible information about performance appraisal.
Sims, R.R. (2002). Managing organizational behavior. Westport CT: Greenwood Press.
In this book, Sims explores organisational performance in the dimension of employees. The author identifies employees as the main driver of organisational success. Sims proceed to explore performance appraisal as a means of boosting employee performance identifying specific elements of effective appraisal system that can ensure high level of employee performance and hence the performance of the overall organisation. Read More
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