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The company uses the most modern fleet of over 120 aircrafts and employs more than 30,000 staff, with 17,000 people employed directly, and an additional 13,000 in its subsidiaries (Qatar Airways, 2014b).
According to Akbar Al Baker, the…
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QATAR AIRWAYS swot analyses
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Page SWOT Analysis: Qatar Airways Positive Negative
It links more than 120 destinations from its base (Baker, 2014).
Winner of several prestigious awards over the last three year (Qatar Airway, 2014a).
Offers highest levels of service excellence.
It is ranked "Five Star" by the independent aviation monitoring agency "Skytrax" (Skytrax, 2014).
It flies to 120 destinations which include countries of Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific, North America and South America (Baker, 2014).
Provides broadband WLAN on-board
There is little domestic traffic for the airline, which consequently limits the share of the market and its growth.
The airline has relied heavily on the international moving onward traffic due to the limited domestic traffic.
It has one the most modern fleet of 130 aircrafts with an aim of improving customer confidence (Thome, 2013).
The development of the multi-billion dollar New Doha International Airport can help position the airline as an alternate to those in the UAE.
Increasing Competition in market from Emirates Airline, Etihad Airways and the Europe’s largest airline Lufthansa.
Page 2: How can HR help Qatar Airways.
Qatar Airways has 20 years’ experience. The company uses the most modern fleet of over 120 aircrafts and employs more than 30,000 staff, with 17,000 people employed directly, and an additional 13,000 in its subsidiaries (Qatar Airways, 2014b).
According to Akbar Al Baker, the company’s CEO, Qatar Airways wants to become the best in the world and attain the highest position in the airline industry. To achieve this, the company plans to ensure provides its clients with exceptional in-flight service, on-board products that were superior to their competitor’s, and working excellence (Baker, 2014).
For this reason, the company’s human resource is essential in supporting the company in achieving its mission and vision. Primarily, the company’s HR department is in charge of planning strategies to hire excellent employees and supervising projects that help Qatar Airways in achieving its goals.
Outstanding employees:
A company’s HR department is in charge of the staffing process and developing employees’ capacity in line with the company’s objectives. For Qatar Airways, the HR policy should focus on achieving excellence according to the company’s mission statement. One way of doing this is to ensure that HR implements procedures aimed at promoting employee-job satisfaction while improving their skills, which consequently increases productivity and growth in the company. Besides, the company’s staffing policy should focus on identifying employees who would help the company achieve its objectives.
Since employees who best understand the company can help the company achieve excellence, the HR department at Qatar Airways has to measure the attitudes of its employees towards their jobs. This can be done by encouraging employees to take part in annual surveys that measure job satisfaction and other areas related to their jobs. In effect, the feedback obtained from these surveys will help the HR department to identify areas that required to be improved for the company’s overall achievement of excellence.
Supervising Projects:
The HR at Qatar Airways is in charge of project management, which helps Qatar Airways remain organized by listing the project goals, assessing the risks of the project and measuring the expenses and profit.
Information Technology:
With regard to IT, HR should ensure that the company had an integrated information technology system that enhanced all company’s process from one command center in order to ensure the achievement of a common objective.
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