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Career management in business - Essay Example

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The transition in structure has brought immense change in career life. The old career’s structure left the decision of forging…
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Career management in business
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Download file to see previous pages The new career provides an opportunity for employees, to develop self-driven feelings for career development. The employee would decide on a career in one’s own time, other than getting a push against one’s will (Yunnal 2012, pg 56).
The new career is dynamic and unpredictable. This is because of the many complicated systems available with no boundaries. The old career appeared to be stable and with little complication. The little complication in the system reduced confusion in planning. It was easier to forge a new career once the organization has provided the opportunity.
As mentioned above, the old career structure emphasized on organizational decision on career choices. The structure, thus, instituted tension between the workers and the organization. The tension that existed interfered with the workers efficiency and delivery. Responsibility laying in the organization, gave the employers too much power over their workers. In conclusion, the difference in the two eras is in the structure. The old era placed responsibility of career change in the organization, while the new era places responsibility in the individuals (Mathis & Jackson 2011, pg 34).
Boundary-less career refers to a situation where real career passes the boundary of one employer. As a result, the employee would end up having a career with several changes in employers and occupation. This a common practice that has gained favor in the 21st century, with many people opting to pursue their careers in such a manner (Inkson & King 2010, pg 37-57).
The new careers have a difference in operation from the traditional careers. In addition, the new careers have an increased mobility that surrounds the organizational boundaries. From studies, the new careers mainly lay emphasis on the permeability aspects of the organizational boundaries. Therefore, there is a widely registered complexity in dealing with contemporary careers (Inkson & King 2010, pg 37-57).
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Career Management in Business Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words - 5.
“Career Management in Business Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words - 5”, n.d.
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