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This report has been written in an attempt to outline researcher’s current career aspirations. The researcher of this essay will identify his chosen occupation and job role within that. He will choose to differentiate between short, medium and long term aspirations…
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Career Aspirations and Reflection on Skills Development
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Download file to see previous pages This paper examines the author’s long term career plan as to be able to open and establish his own string of SPA and Wellness Centers in London. The researcher envisions himself as a successful entrepreneur, managing and operating not only one, but several shops, even to the point of offering low cost franchise for those who have aspirations to attain financial freedom and stability through opening their own business. To accomplish this dream, the researcher sees himself building the necessary resources to open his own business in the city. Apart from the financial requirements, he also has to be equipped to establish and oversee his own SPA and Wellness Centre. So the author could be trained thoroughly in business management, his medium term goal is to be able obtain a management position as an Operations Manager in one of the top SPA and Wellness Centers in London. The researcher’s first step towards achieving these goals is first, to obtain his bachelor’s and master’s degree in Business Management. The researcher considers this his short term career goal, as this will serve as his stepping stone towards his dreams. The author is now juggling both his studies and a job within the same industry, which to him, are perfect training grounds both in his chosen field of studies and his personal development as well. A SPA and Wellness Business Manager should have excellent leadership skills, superior people skills and extensive knowledge on the SPA business. Successful careers are deemed not to be based on academic qualifications alone, but more importantly, on the person’s ability to demonstrate strong leadership skills in the workplace (MIB – Master of International Business in Hotel, Resort and Spa Management 2011). In this sense, I must be able to develop strength in character, and solid decision making skills to I could eventually lead my own team towards a prosperous business venture. Leadership skills are essentially the ability to motivate a group of people towards particular goals (Leadership 2011). I would only be able to do this if people have reasons to look up to me. The SPA and Wellness business is lucrative business, which has gained immense popularity on the global front simply because of the growing interest in holistic wellness. More than going to the doctor for treatment of particular diseases, people have embraced the concept of prevention. Release from tension and stress allows us to become healthy individuals (Spas and the Global Wellness Market: Synergies and Opportunities 2011). Just like any other industry, the trends are evolving. Technology plays a big part in the development of this segment. And so to be able to be an effective SPA and Wellness Manager, I must be constantly in touch with the developments on a global level. I must know, understand and more importantly, enjoy the specifics of this business to succeed. People skills are one of the most important qualities that a SPA and Wellness Business Manage should have. The Wellness industry is a service-oriented vocation. The products are all about pleasing people and giving them good levels of health and wellness services. There should be a strong connection between the service providers and the customers. The people behind this service should be able to understand the demands of the market and be able to come up with ways to deliver ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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