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Reflective Learning - Personal Statement Example

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My intense interest in educating young people has progressed into an aspiration as well as a pursuit for an advancement of a career aligned with my field. I am currently teaching within vocational education focused mainly about construction. Most of my classes are trade related, helping learners complete their apprenticeship from foundation level to HNC level…
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Reflective Learning
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"Reflective Learning"

Download file to see previous pages I am a lecturer within FE teaching learners from school age 13+ to adults who may require additional qualifications within construction to the level of HNC. Though my timetable changes on a weekly basis i am finding that throughout my career i will be teaching learners a trade skill (Bricklaying) to complete there apprenticeship. This particular class of learner will undergo trade skills for 4 yrs or to the age of 21 yrs. My role is to teach and educate my learners to the best of ability and to a high standard of workmanship. They may progress above HNC level at university though my job is to guide my learners throughout there carreer until they leave college. Subjects within my responsibility are Tech drawing, science maths and practical and theory skills within construction. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Reflective Learning
...? 22 April Reflective learning: This report presents my reflective account of the teamwork in which I worked in the first group assignment. Our team was diverse in terms of the culture of members. Having come from different regions of the world, every team member had had a unique angle of visualizing things. The diversity in thinking patterns minimized dysfunctional conflicts, and we were better able to work in peace and harmony. The team was able to benefit from a variety of perspectives that not only made the flow of activities uninterrupted and simpler, but also improved the quality of work. One of our primary goals was to make the work innovative, original and creative to the maximum...
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Reflective learning
...? Reflection a) What you learned from your own behaviour on your working place(or similar) One of the instances where I had the chance to exercise leadership was when I was given the responsibility to raise funds for our community project. My members consist of neighbours and friends of around 15 people. In our meeting, I explained to them that we are doing this project to make our own community better. I inspired them that if we will be successful in putting up our project, we can always claim that we are a part of it and that we did good for our community. I also made them believe that raising funds is not really hard as many of my peers thought. I made them understand that there are a lot of ways to raise funds we just have... and...
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Reflective Learning
...Running Head: Angola "The links between the al environment and the inflows of FDI into the Sub-Saharan African Region- A reflection" __________________________ ____________________ _____________ I took up the involved and multidimensional topic of analysing the link between the institutional environment and the inflows of FDI into the Sub-Saharan African Region. While the link appears to be fairly simple and straight forward given the sub Saharan African realities of widespread poverty, corruption, political instability and low levels of economic development; its manifestation in the form of detecting trends in low and stunted development of critical institutional mechanism, needed to ensure FDIs inflow, was...
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Reflective Learning Log
.... At the end of the day when I discover that assigned work needs to be completed, I usually work late and study half heartedly which makes it difficult to wake up on time for the next day. The change: These logs have given me tremendous feedback. My attention and concentration in class was always good, yet I had never consolidated on my quick grasping ability. Now I have realized that despite having reasonably good IQ why I was not performing as well as I could have. I know now that just understanding the concepts is not sufficient to get good grades or master a subject. Following were the positive outcomes of my reflective learning: Focus-Once I started writing down the logs of my class studies and...
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Reflective Learning
...better. It can be direct observations, but also movies, or memories that he hasn’t reflected over before. In the step of abstract conceptualization, he discusses with others and maybe read something on the subject. He tries new strategies in everyday situations, and evaluates them in new reflective observation. When it’s time for a new discussion about the salary, he has a lot better understanding and new methods to reach the result he wants. It is off course also possible that this person goes through a learning cycle with only three of the steps: he acts, observes, and tries a new action. Another possibility is that he never realizes the opportunity for learning, and...
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Reflective Learning - Knowledge Management
...Reflection: Knowledge Management Introduction The of knowledge management now generates interest in many people. It is not surprising because in our contemporary changing world knowledge management represents an innovation thus I consider this course to be very valuable and want to write about the knowledge I receive during this course. Adaptation of new knowledge management solutions is a very good opportunity for many organizations. I must say that “Knowledge Management” is a very interesting and useful course. The process of learning was encouraging from the very beginning. Some information was easy to understand and other caused problems and required more efforts. Our instructor explained the material and helped overcome... the...
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Reflective learning
...Reflective Learning “The more you know, the less you know” I came across this saying when I was really young and I have been applying this to my life ever since. SIT TESOL Certificate course has made me so much better than I ever was; I am a much enriched person after successfully completing this course. Not only have I become a better teacher but also a better learner. The transformation this course has brought in me is beyond words. All my initial doubts were quashed after attending the first class; the whole experience has been fascinating. A very important thing that we learned was that people have different learning styles: visual, auditory, kinesthetic/tactile,...
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A reflective learning journal
...Reflective Learning Journal The Intersection of Strategic Management and Supply Chain Management The research paper describes the link between the different aspects of the strategic management and the SCM (Supply Chain Management). These fields have been the area of interest for a lot of the contemporary management specialists. The management theories have looked at the ways of the implementation of the theories in the real life scenario of the organization. The dynamics of the industry are changing at a rapid pace. There are specific areas where the fields of strategic management and the supply chain management can support each other in the achievement of the organizational goals (Eisenhardt). There is the explanation, as to how... of areas...
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Course reflective learning evaluation
...Reflective Learning Evaluation The justice system is to the influence of diverseand dynamic factors. In particular, the role played by police departments is paramount to the success of the justice system in any given society. The connection between law, justice, and police is the central theme presented in this course. This course explores police activities and their impact on crime levels in an ever-changing society. In that regard, police administration emerges as a key learning point as far law, justice, and police departments are concerned. Administrating police forces is a challenging undertaking. This is because police work involves critical social, legal, and political practices,...
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Reflective Learning Log
...Reflective Learning Log Week Learning/Experience/Skill achieved Comments and Relationship to ILP 26/09/14 Exploring the by roaming around in the university premises. Getting registered and finding oneself the timetable for classes Clearly comprehending the handbook and make sure the information is fully understood. Getting an understanding of what is to be done in the initial year. Chalking out a program for study and dedicating working hours as per paper. 03/10/14 Understanding the basic elements of Mathematics and getting a basic know how. Get a familiarity with the Electronic lecture basics which includes the binary numbers understanding. Practically applying the knowledge in the lab...
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