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Careers Management in Business - Essay Example

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The impact of the new information revolution together with rapid globalisation trend in many countries has seen the emergency of what is normally referred to as a boundaryless career in many aspects (Nelson, 2002). However, unemployment remains a chief concern in the formal sector but there is still room in the fast growing informal sector for the innovative entrepreneur…
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Careers Management in Business
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Download file to see previous pages It also seeks to analyse how graduates aim to get over some of the challenges going to be discussed below. An analysis of the volatile economy will also be undertaken and the last part of the paper sums up the main points discussed. Basically, a career can be defined as a pattern of work and work related to activities that people develop throughout a lifetime (World Book Encyclopedia, 2008). It includes a job or a series of jobs a person has until retirement. In most cases, it can be observed that careers vary greatly in the type of work involved and in the ways they influence a person’s life. Many careers are based on work for pay and they usually shape the type of lifestyle a person can lead. Of notable concern is the fact that tertiary qualifications usually obtained by graduates often shape their lifetime careers. However, it may not be very easy for the graduates to easily get their dream jobs as they often face numerous challenges during their studies like failing to get places to do their internship or to secure permanent employment after completion of their respective degrees. In as far as the aspects of internship and employment are concerned, it can be noted that the employer plays a significant role in creating the opportunity and climate for full development of the student such that his or her capabilities are optimally utilised (Nelson, 2002). The main advantage of this aspect of internship or in-service training is that the student is given the opportunity to experience the actual environment of their chosen careers before entering into them. This allows for a realistic assessment of the expectations and understanding of the employer’s requirements. It can be noted that the volatility of the economy has a bearing on the students’ endeavours to pursue their careers as a result of different factors going to be analysed below. Due to the emergence of the borderless economy as a result of globalisation, it can be observed that trends in the global economy have a bearing on the performance of economies of different countries as well as the respective organizations operating in such environments. Over the past two decades, it can be noted that the size of the global village has rapidly shrunk as a result of the massive advances in information and technology (Venter, 2003). Investors are often seen moving to developing countries given that globalisation sought to liberalise trade and investment opportunities in different countries by various multinational companies as a result of the emergency of the borderless economies. However, the extent of employment creation through globalisation strongly hinges on the competitive edge of the economic policies of the host countries. If these are not in tandem with the dictates of globalization, the host country can fail to attract investors which results in limited chances of employment creation for new graduates. Given such a scenario, competition among the graduates can be seen to lead to shortages of employment as well as internship vacancies for these people. The volatility of the global economy can also pose serious challenges to organizations which may be forced to retrench rather that employ new workers. For instance, the global economic crisis that recently gripped the world resulted in many multinational com ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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