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This essay covers and discusses all the vital aspects of the HR planning and recruitment. This project helped the researcher in developing an understanding about the practical implications of the concepts, that were taught to the researcher during the lectures…
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HR Planning and Recruitment
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Download file to see previous pages This essay focuses on the Human Resource planning and recruitment, that is one of the crucial requirements of the organizations. The main reasons for ensuring effective management of the company’s personnel is that it ensures that there is adequate number of staff members. KFC is the best example among all the fast food restaurant chains as it has allocated sufficient amount of resources in its personnel. Every aspect of HR is adequately planned out so that the operations of the company are not impacted at all. Even the recruitment of employees is done in accordance to the international standards so that the right people are hired at all positions. In order to sustain the edge within the industry, it is vital for KFC to keep track of the changes taking place in the employment market. It has employed right resources for management of this crucial aspect of the organization and has successfully created a highly, efficient, proactive, sincere and loyal team of employees. Each of the personnel is committed to enhancing the organization’s image in the fast food industry. Hence, KFC has developed an effective HR department for managing its international operations successfully. The success of the company lies in its policy of developing an efficient, loyal and committed workforce by allocating adequate resources in its recruitment and selection process. Even the policies are developed in accordance to the latest market trends so that the gap between the demand and supply of personnel is appropriately planned out.
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HR Planning and Recruitment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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