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The paper entitled 'Leadership for the Twenty-First Century' presents industrial view leadership which is based on an individual’s decisions. The followers have no input into the management and only do as their leader wishes in order to pursue all organizational goals…
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Leadership for the Twenty-First Century
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This exhibits itself when Stafford tells Susan to make the faculty work for her or get rid of it. He was not ready to shape his leadership based on the followers' input. His decisions went from top to bottom. On the other hand, Susan always collected information from participating parties and based her decisions on consensus.
Question 4
One component of Rost’s definition states that the relationship has its base on influence. The influence is not forced upon any party and flows in both directions; from the leader to followers and from followers to leaders. Another component states that the people in the relationship are the leaders and followers. This emphasizes the nature of leadership is a relationship, practiced by both leaders and followers. The next component says leaders and followers intend real change. This means that both leaders and followers are putting their efforts towards achieving a common, realistic goal. The goal is the desire of both leaders and followers (Rost, 1991).
Question 5
Under the post-industrial view leadership, followers are viewed as collaborators in partnership with leaders. The leaders’ wishes are not imposed upon them, but the followers may influence leaders to make changes. To make a common purpose, the followers’ wishes are factored into the relationship. The followers have an interactive opportunity in the processes (Rost, 1991). Read More
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