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The Critiquing Process in Developing Reliable and Valid Body of Knowledge - Essay Example

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Running Head: Critique Essay The Critiquing Process in Developing Reliable and Valid Body of Knowledge Name: College: Subject: Introduction The quantitative research article selected for the critique is: ‘Investigating leadership, gender, and coaching level using the Revised Leadership for Sport Scale’ by Jambor and Zhang (1997)…
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The Critiquing Process in Developing Reliable and Valid Body of Knowledge
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Download file to see previous pages According to their first hypothesis, the coaches of different genders (male or female) would react upon the RLSS differently in leadership behaviors. On the other hand, the second hypothesis refers to the occurrence of differences on the RLSS among different coaching levels that include college, high-school and junior-high. Summary The data forming the sample was non-random, which comprise of 162 coaches being selected on the volunteer basis. There were 118 (73%) male coaches and 44 (27%) female coaches with in the sample. In relation to the level of coaching, the sample included 25 (15%) junior-high coaches, 99 (61%) high-school coaches and 38 (24%) college-level coaches. Although this makes a good sample however the issue is in the distribution of the sample, particularly, the sample number for the junior-high-level coaches is relatively low. Instead, a larger sample constituting all categories of coaches would have been helpful in the analysis of the data, especially in the case of the potential interaction of gender with the level of coaching. The tool employed was the Revised Leadership for Sport Scale that was created by Zhang, Jensen and Mann (1997). The RLSS can be used to evaluate the 6 leadership behaviors that include training and instructional behavior, autocratic behavior, democratic behavior, social support behavior, situational consideration behavior and positive feedback behavior. Sixty statements were used in the scale, being preceded by the phrase, ‘In coaching, I’. Each one of these 60 statements were accompanied by a Likert scale that is: 1 for ‘never’, 2 for ‘seldom’, 3 for ‘occasionally’, 4 for ‘often’, and 5 for ‘always’. This constructed a data set of ordinal level of measurement. Scales were monitored according to various environmental settings such as the gymnasiums, the fields of practice, the classrooms and the offices. The internal consistency was estimated for each type of leadership behavior, which corresponds to 84 % for training and instructional behavior, 70 % for autocratic behavior, 66 % for democratic behavior, 52 % for social support behavior, 69 % for situational consideration behavior and 78 % for positive feedback behavior. Nevertheless, there was no information provided in relation to the validity of RLSS. Evaluation & Review In order to analyze the data, a MANOVA was employed for the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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