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Critiquing a High Profile Serious Case of Daniel Pelka - Essay Example

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The paper "Critiquing a High Profile Serious Case of Daniel Pelka" explores and discusses the decision negotiation process with a service carer as well as other group members. The critique paper focuses on the Daniel Pelka’s serious case review. His mother was an alcoholic…
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Critiquing a High Profile Serious Case of Daniel Pelka
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Download file to see previous pages With evidence pointing out that Daniel Pelka’s death resulted from negligence and abuse at the age of 4 years and 8 months, many questions arise regarding parenting deficiency and taking advantage of the boy’s immature communication styles, knowledge, trust, beliefs, values, understanding and expertise. Negligence on the part of Pelka’s parents was evident in Pelka’s malnourished body and acute subdural haematoma during the time of his death. Since the boy had haematoma for several months the indication is that his communication style was limited to effectively define his feeling. Conversely, his parents owed him a duty of ensuring he was healthy for their relationship with him was that of child-parent (Thomson Reuters, 2015). Pelka, like many other children, experienced physical abuse under the care of his own parents. Statistics from Chldhelp (2015), indicate that the approximate number of child abuse reports in the United States per year is about 3 million with approximately 6 million children being affected. In these cases, physical abuse is the highest at about 28.3% prevalence while physical neglect is lowest at about 9.9% (Chldhelp, 2015). Pelka’s physical neglect involved being locked in a sparsely furnished room as a way of punishment. Though Pelka could have spoken out to rebuke maltreatment, traumatic life experiences at his tender age could have contributed to chronic anxiety and fear. Through minimal fear experiences are termed as normal aspects of a child’s development, threatening situations result in lifelong consequences that interfere with a child’s brain development (National Scientific Council on the Developing Child, 2010). In the US, a child in every seven children undergoes maltreatment, particularly in families associated with high-stress levels owing to parental drug abuse, community violence, and social isolation. The implications are that some areas of a child’s brain development are affected, especially those involved in learning and emotions (National Scientific Council on the Developing Child, 2010, p. 5).
In the case of Pelka, his mother was an alcoholic and moved with three different men all of whom were domestically abusive. In addition, Pelka and his other siblings grew up with their stepfather, and together with the mother acted er to inflict suffering and pain in him. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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