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Interactive Language Skills and Communication 2 - Essay Example

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Leadership can be well understood from the perception of knowing who a leader is. From the point of view, knowing that someone who has followers is a leader, then one can easily link a…
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Interactive Language Skills and Communication 2
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Extract of sample "Interactive Language Skills and Communication 2"

Download file to see previous pages 9). Management is, on the other hand, the process by which organizational goals are achieved. Therefore, the task of accomplishing the achievement of the organizational goals is the assignment of a manager. Fundamentally, important functions that managers employ in this pursuit have been universally identified. They include planning along with budgeting, organizing and staffing, problem-solving and controlling. A necessary disambiguation process will be covered in this paper in the subsequent illustrations provided to contrast the roles played by a leader distinct from those of a manager. In addition, the paper will elaborate on the interrelatedness of the two personnel’s roles in a smooth flowing of an organization.
An elaborately well-balanced organization has been observed to be one which has a mix of leaders and managers in the organization’s pursuit of success. Important to note, equilibrium is ideally set when few great leaders influence relatively many first-class managers in the process. Leaders play a significant part in setting a direction, aligning people, inspiring and motivating them. The leader gives the employees (including managers) of a firm a sense of direction, aligns and elicits inspiration and motivation (Crossan, Gandz, Seijts, Stephenson, & Richard Ivey School of Business, 2010, p. 17). By so doing, the managers can take the managerial roles assigned to them with a sense of inspiration, direction, and more importantly motivation to do so. This influence, as passed on by a leader, can be contagious such that the behavior the managers exhibit is characteristically that of the leader. Consequently, managers can develop to become leaders who play a paramount role in the setting of an excellent working environment for their workers. The working together of a manager and a leader can be symbolically represented. For instance, a leader can be perceived as the symbol of passion, creativity and most importantly the ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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Interactive Language Skills and Communication 2 Essay.
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