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Verbal Communication Skills - Essay Example

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Topic: Verbal Communication Skills Name: XXXXXXXXX Instructor: XXXXXXX University: XXXXXXX Course: XXXXXXXXX Date: XXXXXXXXXX Verbal Communication Skills Communication is the interaction between two or more people. Verbal communication is an example of communication where people use the face to face style to communicate…
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Verbal Communication Skills
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"Verbal Communication Skills"

Download file to see previous pages Words are imitative of sounds. Use of words alone has no meaning because it the people who supply meaning to constituent words. When meaning is assigned to words, there is the development of language which later develops the process of speaking (Williamson 2008, 1). Language develops from the act of working together or doing things together in a socialization circle which leads to coining meaning to words. In every communication we get involved, we need to have nonviolent communication where we use our words in a polite manner so as not to hurt our listeners or cause pain to them. If there is the use of hard languages or vocabularies, communication breakdown is experienced (Rosenberg 2003). In communication, the interlocutor needs to choose words effectively because one does not need to hurt the listener in anyway. It is important to avoid impolite language which may triggers bad feelings because this leads to communication breakdown. In communication one assumes that his or her language and content is understood by the other party by ensuring our needs are felt by the other party in the conversation (Rosenberg 2003) Theory of mind During face to face to communication, it is imperative to apply the theory of mind whereby we use our ability as interlocutors to infer the listener’s mental states. We need to consider their thoughts, desires, beliefs, intentions among others. It is also the ability to interpret what people say to us. In that aspect, we are able to predict their next actions which help us to know of their behaviors. For efficient verbal communication, theory of mind needs to be applied wholesomely so as to acquire the best results in the communication process. This theory helps people to engage in a conversation without any need to explain every bit of their communication in the process (Williamson 2008, 1). Cognitive dissonance theory Cognitive dissonance is derived from the discomfort we experience psychologically when there is something that is not clear in our lives or conversation. During the communication process, people avoid things that can irritate them or make their information inferior. They avoid talking things that can hurt their listeners because they want to apply ethics their communication (Rosenberg 2003). We ought to give peace by our talks so that we enhance a relationship that mutual benefits us in life. Verbal communications needs the parties involved to have a mutual understanding of whatever they talk about so as to uphold an interaction which brings forth common delivery of information. Distorted information only complicates the messages intended to be got from the verbal communication (Williamson 2008, 1). Communication accommodation theory In this theory the people involved in a communication adjust their styles of communication because they move from one stage of communication to another. They continue understanding one another’s messages by the fact that they continue talking. Continuation or sustenance of a conversation is an indication that people understand one another and accommodate the information they share in the process of communicatio ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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