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This essay declares that human resource management (HRM) plays a very important role in the development of modern economies. The difference between developed and developing countries are the difference in their human resources, otherwise most of the resources are same. …
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Human Resources Managment - Challenges and Changes
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Human resource management (HRM) plays a very important role in the development of modern economies. The difference between developed and developing countries are the difference in their human resources, otherwise most of the resources are same. It has been seen that though exploiting the financial, physical, natural resources are very important in modern times, but none of them are as important as committed and efficient manpower. It is often said that most of the development come from the human minds. The tradition importance of HRM was due to the recruitment and selection process which they handled, but now a strategic approach of HRM in administration, personnel management and other accomplishments have made the role of HRM more significant in organizations (Bernardin, 2008, p. 9-10).
Let us now discuss the factors that determine the recruitment of the in-demand employees. The demand analysis is done to identify the future demands in the organization and accordingly consider the recruitment functions. There are two ways to consider the recruitment of in-demand employees. The first way is to determine the requirements through environmental scanning and understanding the external trends and secondly, by studying the internal factors of the organization such as the business operation functions, technology or strategic objectives. After determining the how and what of the future tasks, the in-demand employees are recruited.
Another issue that is often seen in health care industry nowadays is reorganizing, reengineering and restructuring. It does have a major impact on the health care workforce within the organization. The effect in this industry is considered as ripple-down effect (Robinson-Crowley, 1997, p. 123). The human resource are enforced to manage their duties with the stipulated resources, decrease the cost by eliminating wastage and inefficiencies, highlight their competencies on preventing diseases and health issues, and improve the quality of their services. However, all these changes in the framework require quick adaptation of the new roles and qualities. Restructuring is done to eliminate medical errors, staffing development in the health care, etc (Finkleman, 2008, p. 50).
It has been seen that the organizations including the health care industry often downsize to reduce their internal cost. The best example was seen in the global financial crisis. However, the question is that, does it save the organization or its money in any case or proves to be fatal for the organization. The answer is no; downsizing does not help most of the time. It is a myth that it reduces cost, but in turn it reduces skilled employees from the organization thereby reducing the efficiency and minimizing the level of performance in the organization. If any retail company is under-staffed then they would lose their revenue. The work pressure increases on the existing employees in an under-staffed company, leading to poor quality of work. It is necessary to skillfully recruit employee and eliminate disguise employment.
Human resource management in relation to health care can be segregated into two kinds, namely clinical and non-clinical staffs, who are responsible for individual and public health care interventions. It is also important to maintain a perfect blend of caregivers and health promoters for ensuring the success of the health care system. It is very important to handle the human capital skillfully and effectively as it is a valuable asset of the organization, especially in health care. HRM practices should be developed for finding correct stability of personnel supply and the capability of the practitioners to perform successfully and efficiently. A practitioner without enough tools is as ineffective as having tools without the practitioner.
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