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Randstad as a Professional Employment Agency - Essay Example

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This essay explores Randstad, a professional employment agency. It helps employers find three different kinds of employees: 1) direct hire, 2) temporary to hire, and 3) temporary.  It also assists candidates in finding the right employers…
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Randstad as a Professional Employment Agency
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Download file to see previous pages The researcher states that Randstad is the second biggest staffing organization in the world. Randstad plays a fundamental role in developing the workplace and leveraging the maximum value of human capital to benefit clients, candidates, investors, and employees. The main problem of Randstad is handling its multigenerational workforce, so that retention rates can be boosted. Its minor problems are intergenerational conflicts due to differences in work and personal values and developing performance management strategies that fit different generations. The primary issues of the firm are employee retention strategies for different generations and concerns in maximizing the benefits of its coaching approach to team building and retention. These issues can be approached through considering the factors of enhancing work climate and job fulfillment to increase employee retention rates. HR should examine individual and generational needs through interviews and surveys. The major problem of the company is enhancing its retention rate. Its minor problems are intergenerational conflicts due to differences in work and personal values and developing performance management strategies that fit different generations. The first alternative is to focus on enhancing the work climate. Work climate can enhance recruitment and retention success of workers. The work climate can affect provider outcomes, such as job satisfaction and turnover rates. Positive views of the psychological work climate can enhance job satisfaction, organizational commitment, motivation, and productivity. Particular actions that can enhance the work climate include training employees to develop their coaching and intergenerational communication and culture skills. This way, employees are trained to handle generation-based differences in attitudes and work/communication practices. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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