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Amazon - Research Paper Example

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Table of contents Part 1: 1.0 Background information about Amazon 2 1.1 Mission and strategy of Amazon 2 1.2 Products and services of the organization 2 1.3 SWOT analysis 2 1.4 Staffing in terms of employment categories 4 Part2: 2.0 Description analysis of pivotal talent tools 5 2.1 Brief overview of the concept of pivotal talent pools 5 2.2 Selection of pivotal talent pool 5 Part 3: 3.0 Analysis of the talent pools at Amazon and selection 7 3.1 Recommended staffing model for pivotal talent pool 7 3.1.1 Internal staffing model for pivotal talent pool at Amazon 7 3.1.2 Outsourcing 8 3.2 Recommendation for development of internal talent 9 3.2.1 Human resources development 9 3.2.2 Learning 10 3…
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Extract of sample "Amazon"

Download file to see previous pages Since its inception, the company has witnessed significant growth to become a member of Fortune 100 Company in the US. It specialises in selling a variety of goods and services online. 1.1 Mission and strategy of Amazon According to its official website, the company’s mission is: “to be Earth’s most customer-centric company, where customers can find and discover anything they might want to buy online, and endeavors to offer its customers the lowest possible prices.” The company uses the strategy of selling a variety of products online and it targets customers from all corners of the globe. 1.2 Products or services of the organization offers millions of unique new, refurbished, and used items in categories such as books; movies; music & games; digital downloads; electronics & computers; home & garden; toys; kids & baby; grocery; apparel; shoes & jewelry; health & beauty; sports & outdoor; and tools, auto & industrial (Amazon, 2013). The company has also incorporated thousands of sellers and software developers which use its trademark across the globe. 1.3 SWOT analysis “A SWOT analysis is used to identify internal strengths and weaknesses of a business and external opportunities and threats facing it,” (Strydom J. p 31). This section outlines these environmental factors facing Amazon. Organization’s internal strengths and weaknesses Strengths Regarded as the world’s best online retailer of various products Technological innovation has driven the growth of to offer a wide range of products to the customers conveniently and at lower prices. It operates international retail websites, and worldwide network designed to fulfil the needs of the customers across the globe Amazon is comprised of teams that work across the world on behalf the customers and it provides 24/7 support to the consumers. Weaknesses The company is mainly present in developed parts of the world where some developing countries are not fully covered The payment methods used by Amazon are not compatible with other countries’ banking sectors Organization’s external environmental factors Opportunities The company has opportunities to partner with different retailers which will help it to increase the revenue it generates. New information and communication technology is continuing to develop hence the company is poised for continual growth. Threats Online retailing is now characterised by competition since a wide range of organizations have also adopted this strategy which is very convenient. 1.4 Staffing in terms of employee categories Amazon is an equal opportunity employer and it is committed to staff a diverse workforce on the basis of a barrier-free employment process. The company employs about 88 400 people around the world and it has offices fulfilment centers, customer service centers, data centers, and software development centers around the globe (Amazon, 2013). The company is guided by the provisions of Section 503 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Vietnam Era Veterans' ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Amazon it was the time when company decided that it has gained enough clientele to follow a cost leadership strategy. This strategy is working and it is expected to work in future as well. This is because in future more online retailers will come and competition for Amazon is increasing. The future competitors will come up with new innovations but the only way through which the new competitors can be fought is through cost cuttings. Any new competitor will not be able to compete with Amazon in future if the company offers excellent services at lowest price. Amazon is also currently trying to pursue a long term strategy and this is a good approach. The company should not focus on short term...
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..., products and services, and marketing strategies to appeal to these known characteristics. Amazon has identified three market segments that the business will service, including consumer customers, seller customers, and developer customers. It is a very customer-centric organisational model that seeks, primarily, growth as an objective. Amazon accomplishes this by establishing a pricing structure under a price leadership strategy, offering a vast assortment of merchandise, and injecting convenience into the business model (Stockport 2010). The business’ vision to be the most consumer-centric business in its industry reflects how Amazon continues to develop strategies, both corporate-level and business-level, to ensure that it fulfils...
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...ty studies are (1) Economic Feasibility, (2) Operational Feasibility and (3) Technical Feasibility. Their strategies include low price and free shipment. This factor played an important role in the long-term development of the company. The cheaper prices of goods with high quality and further free shipment attracted many. Another factor is the customer service. Customer plays an important role in the development of the company because it is the customer who uses the product that was developed by the companies and Amazon's services were good at it. To stay and hold the position in the present competitive market Amazon has planned to expand its business outside US like Eastern Europe and Far East Asia. Amazon is encouraging other...
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The Current Strategic Position of Amazon com

...nd needs to be upgraded regularly. In such industries, the people or work force are the main strengths and needs to be continually trained and skill enhanced in order to provide the best services to customers. The use of the Intranet is also suggested which could vastly upgrade knowledge and skill sets. In tune with the customers requirements. Strategic clock : Amazon have several options to determine their pricing strategies keeping in view the strategic clock. They could go in for low price and low added value , but this could only be done if would be able to make specific segmentation of their business . The second would be in terms of low price and low margins, which is done to attain market leadership. In the...
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Amazon, music CDs, furniture, clothing, MP3s, and food items. Technology ensured that E-books could eclipse the sale of hard copies and Bezos took advantage of it (Stone, 2012). This was in recognition to what Amazon had done in making online shopping popular. In order to ensure that its products are closer to the customer, Amazon operates different retails websites for several countries including US, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, China, Spain, Italy, France and Japan. In addition, the organization operates international shipping lines to given countries for delivery of its products to its customers there (Enright, 2010). Amazon’s Main Competitors The main competitors for the...
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Description and Work Aspects of Amazon

... and operated by Jeff Bezos, this company began operations from Seattle but quickly spread in any different parts of the world including UK, Germany, Japan, Spain, Canada, Brazil and China. This company now offers a wide range of products and has even started offering innovative services such as cloud computing (Amazon, 2013). works on a consumer centric approach and it is on account of this approach that this company invests heavily in research and development and comes up with innovative products time and again. Despite the recession, has been able to enjoy a growth spurt of 14 percent (Stockport, 2010). Amazon Competency Framework Leadership Amazon was able to show a growth spurt even in recession because...
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... that he felt were most promising and they included computer hardware, computer discs, books, and videos. Bezos finally came to a decision that his company would be involved in selling books, because of the huge world-wide demand for the large number of titles that are available in form of print, literature and low price points for books (Chan, 2001). Initially, Bezos founded Amazon in his garage in Bellevue, Washington. Amazon began as an online bookstore, which was an idea that was triggered off after conversation with John Ingram, formerly of Ingram Book (now called Ingram Content Group) alongside Patel Keyur who is still a major shareholder in Amazon. During its first 2 months in business, Amazon was able to sell to all the 50 states...
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... like ratings and suggested items (Mellahi and Johnson). Selection: extensive product offerings Amazon strives to offer the widest selection of both new and used products. They not only sell books in a wide category but also electronics, apparel, gift cards, shoes, accessories, watches, photography, software, tools and hardware, cameras, movies, toys, house items, computers, games, music, jewelry, magazine subscriptions, gourmet food, kitchenware, cellular phones, sports items, among others. This diversification of products has transformed Amazon into an all-in-one online retail store ( Brand name and Reputation Amazon has focused on building a reputation to gain new customers and retain existing ones. The company calls itself...
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Apple and Amazon Companies

....). The company deals with electronic commerce and it has strived to become the best online-based retailer in the region. It originally started as an online bookstore but in the recent times, it has greatly diversified into the sale of compact disks, furniture, software, toys, video games, food, electronics, and jewelry. Just like Apple, Amazon produces consumer electronics such as the Fire TV sets, Fire mobile phones, Fire tablets, and the Amazon Kindle e-book. The company has separate websites for its different market regions. Some of its market regions include; the United States, Canada, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Netherlands, China and Japan. Marketing Strategies In a bid to compare and...
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Deforestation of the Amazon Rainforest

If the Amazon rainforest disappears, the entire human race will likely suffer the same fate resulting from the climatic changes that would result.  This disturbing scenario has been well documented by environmental organizations, governmental studies, independent agency reviews and scientific journals spanning the past three decades from which this discussion will draw.

The Amazon rainforest represents close to half of the world’s rainforest regions. Estimates of its size vary but the general consensus is that the Amazon rainforest covers approximately seven million square kilometers. It represents 40 percent of the South American continent encroaching on nine of its countries including Brazil, Suriname, Boli...
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E-Business of Amazon

... billion sales. (, Inc) Though the company has started as an online bookstore, currently it has products such as music CD’s, VHS, DVD, computer software, video games, electronics, apparel, furniture, food toys, etc apart from books. It has started film production also in 2008. Amazon has several websites custom made for countries like Canada, Germany, France, China, UK, Japan etc. The company did not focus on profits for the initial five years and spend much of its revenues in expansions in the initial years. This business strategy brought immense dividends to the company as per the recent statistics. E - Business Amazon 2 Amazon - Marketing plan E-business strategies E-business strategies of Amazon are mainly focused on net...
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Leadership: The Amazon Way

... Leadership: The Amazon Way BEZOS’ LEADERSHIP STYLE Jeffrey Bezos maintains a leadership style that is a cross between transactional leader and transformational, with a concentration towards transforming. Bezos believes in decentralization, the process of moving decision-making from the top layers of the organization and then distributing this knowledge downward. By involving employees in the routine decision-making of the organization, Bezos provides better skilled employees that are able to provide the vision of superior customer service. This was noticeable in the case study when Bezos put each new employee recruit through customer service exercises at the fulfillment centers. What Bezos is doing is cross-training employees...
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SWOT Analysis of Amazon and Barns&Noble

...that have lead to new channels of product delivery and enhanced customer satisfaction. Weaknesses Limited presence compares to competitors Barnes & Noble has limited presence in the e-commerce market unlike competitors such as Amazon and Apple. Inefficient logistics and distribution channels. The company has a lean distribution network. The company has no on-time guaranteed delivery or emergency delivery services to the customers. The company is incapable of delivering the products to the customers at low costs due to inefficient physical distribution channels (Ferrell and Hartline 145). Opportunities Penetrate mass market. The company has the opportunity of expanding to the mass market through partnering...
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Amazon: Corporate and Business Level Strategy

..., Inc and examine how the company’s structure and control systems match its strategy. Corporate Level Strategy According to Gregorio (2012), recognizes the significance of offering a wide range of products for customers. Customers prefer a shopping platform that offers a wide variety of products of services. As part of the company’s corporate level strategy, has increased the number of products in its product portfolio, which shows adaptable the company can be. Initially, Amazon started as a book store, and its first online store stocked books only. However, as the e-commerce business developed, the needs of the market changed. Amazon took advantage of the opportunities to offer other product such as music and videos...
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Yahoo and Amazon: Building a Competitive Advantage

... of $745 million by the year 2013, the corporation has total assets averaging US$ 40.15 billion and a net income of US$ 274.0 million (Milberg, 2013). Inc. started as an online bookstore but later diversified to selling of VHSs, DVDs, CDs, MP3 streaming and downloading software, electronics, furniture, apparel, video games, jewelry, and so on. Currently, the company produces consumer electronics such as the famous Amazon Kindle e-book readers, Fire Phone, Fire Tablets, and Fire TV. The company offers cloud services too. The online presence of the company is huge; it also has several separate retail websites for the United Kingdom & Ireland, the United States, Canada, The Netherlands, Germany, Australia, Brazil, Japan, Mexico...
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Comparing the Usability Test of Alibaba and Amazon Websites

... consumer products. This paper will therefore focus on the design and usability test of a website. It will compare two websites to find out their user efficiency. The websites that will be tested are that of Amazon and Alibaba. This test focused on these two websites because they tend to resemble in their functions and services offered and delivered to the users. Amazon and Alibaba are two websites that are dedicated to offering information about the latest technology and thus providing opportunity for buyers and sellers to engage in e-commerce. Introduction This usability test aimed at testing two websites which are dedicated to offering information about the latest technology and facilitating e-commerce. It ensures this by helping...
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