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This research paper examines the term agency, which simply refers to the authorized group or organization offering its services in some particular area or field on the basis of its experience, expertise, exposure, and knowledge by representing the others as custodian of their interests…
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The Term of Agency
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The Term of Agency
The term agency simply refers to the authorized group or organization offering its services in some particular area or field on the basis of its experience, expertise, exposure and knowledge by representing the others as custodian of their interests. In other words, an agent is a person that works in some special field on behalf of the clients in order to earn benefits for him against the fee decided with mutual understanding. Hundreds of thousands of governmental, non-governmental and private agencies and consultancies exist in every social establishment busy in offering their services in multiple departments with the help of professional staff members and personnel. The agents play dominant role in society; they enter into business contracts, make arrangements for the meeting between the individuals, firms and organizations, and work for safeguarding the interests of both the parties into contract. For instance, a recruitment agency introduces competent and proficient professionals to the organization on the one side, and allocates the educated and skilled individuals against the positions on the basis of their education and experience on the other.
While elucidating the role of agencies in society, it becomes evident that the agencies rendering services at local level in one specific society carry out their operational services on behalf of their clients in order to accomplish the tasks the clients are unable to do on their own. For instance, in the south Asian states including India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal, where the societies vehemently lay stress upon the arranged marriages by confining it to caste, class and status, the matrimonial agencies help the families in searching out the like-minded people of same or similar socioeconomic status, caste and sect for marriage purposes. Similarly, thousands of agencies serve as bridge in respect of exploring jobs for the educated, skilled and experienced personnel through their platforms by connecting them with firms and companies. Furthermore, insurance, legal and educational agencies are also working in all societies of the globe in respect of solving the problems of the people related to their financial, legal and learning issues. In addition, agencies also make valuable contributions in the promotion of recreational activities, healthcare opportunities, protection of human rights, preservation of wildlife and much more. Mountford (2009) observes that European countries witnessed the establishment of the agencies in bulk for various purposes during 1950s onward, which include community development, which turned out to be helping hand for the state, government and the public in respect of fastening the pace of progress and development of social, cultural, financial and technological institutions.
The agencies have also rendered valuable services in migration and immigration sectors, where they appear to be determined to provide documentation and liaison services by connecting their clients with the international institutions for educational, recruitment, business, tourism and health purposes outside their native states and countries at large. The migration agents keep in contact with the governmental authorities as well as multinational companies, and make arrangements for the placement of highly skilled and talented persons generally belonging to the third world states to the developed societies of the world. In addition, they enter into agreement with the educational institutions of different levels for the admission of overseas students at there. In addition, the agencies have also association with the religious institutions, and consequently turn out to be supportive in respect of seeking asylum for their clients on political, ethno-racial and religious foundations to ensure their safe and sound migration from one region to the other keeping in view the security as well as social and financial interests of the clients.
Immigration has also flourished during the contemporary times, where the technological advancements have encouraged and boosted the migration trends to a great extent. The labor from developing nations is moving towards the developed countries in the pursuit of superior work and education opportunities (Weeks, 2008). The immigration agencies also remain in close contact with the immigration departments of various countries, where they communicate the amendments being made in the immigration laws and policies being introduced about one or more regions of the world. For instance, the European, Australian and Canadian governments have opened their visa policies on permanent basis for the highly educated individuals as well as for the big investors belonging to the poor states of Asia and Africa. The permanent resident visa policy has been articulated because of many reasons, which include low fertility rate of the developed nations, lack of highly skilled people, existence of vast uncultivated lands and decline in investment due to recession and increase in the percentage of the elderly population. The agents are serving the world to a great extent in this regards. They advertise the latest immigration policies through websites and other channels, and hire the services of local agents in all big cities of the third world. They make assurance of a comfortable and luxurious life in the developed nation to the people from poor countries and assure them of growth and development in education, health, job and business sectors. Hence, agencies are playing formidable role in bringing the societies closer to one another.
However, there are certain drawbacks too; for instance, inclusion of agents has eliminated the probabilities of direct communication between the organizations and individuals. Consequently, both of them have to make huge payments to the agents in order to explore personnel and jobs respectively. In addition, the fake and fraud agencies have destroyed the trust of the people and companies on each other on the one hand, and on the efficiency, honesty and integrity of the agencies on the other. Moreover, the agents make false claims and exaggerate the entire situation, which is always far beyond the expectations of both the individuals and the companies. As a result, the firms and personnel as well as the educational institutions and students experience the disappointment of high scale, and have to quit each other along with bearing high financial losses and wastage of precious time.
Nevertheless, the agencies are performing very well particularly in employment and education sectors. They are working for the appropriate placement of the individuals on the basis of their gender, education, race, ethnicity and work experience. The women from the third world have particularly taken benefits of such services. As a result, they have found their sure headway on the way to swift climbing the ladder of professional growth and development; the same is also applied to male members of society.
Mountford, Debra (2009) Organizing for Local Development: the Role of Local Development Agencies OECD LEED Program Available at
Weeks, John R. (2002) Population: An Introduction to Concepts and Issues Seventh Edition Wadsworth Publishing California Read More
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