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The reporter states that induction means different things to different people. This paper looks at organizational induction. The Concise Oxford Dictionary states that to induct means to formally admit a person to a post or organization. Providence, a life insurance company, is employing a new Human Resource Manager…
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Talent Planning in Operation of Business
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Download file to see previous pages It will also devise an induction plan covering important areas of management, timelines, and the roles of persons involved, as well as an induction programme for the new Manager’s first three months.
The Queensland University of Technology has produced a document on Developing Workplace Induction, from which the Committee has borrowed some purposes and benefits of induction. These are to provide information, resources, and motivation for new employees. Information on the company’s policies, goals, and values, are vital during an employee’s first three months. These can aid the development of self-confidence and loyalty towards the company. Resources, such as a comfortable working environment, materials, tools, and personnel to assist the new employee, would be prepared beforehand. Without those resources, the employee could not reasonably function effectively or efficiently. Persons with whom he can liaise and consult for any clarification, greatly assist the employee to develop a sense of belonging. This will motivate him to seek training and contribute to the growth of the company. As the employee becomes confident that he has joined the right company, a good rapport is likely to develop among himself, his supervisor, and his colleagues. They can learn from him, he can adopt the company’s culture, and so the entire organization benefits in the end.
The main purpose of developing an induction plan, and involving each department, is that the document can be a guide for the new employee. Feedback from department members is therefore very important. The Plan should allow the new member to practice new skills and use the new information gained. It should, therefore, have timelines for working, training, and assessment. Long before the employee arrives, the person who will greet, welcome, introduce him to colleagues, provide the training manual, and explain basic job functions on his first day, should all be in place. During his first month, a supervisor should maintain contact, explaining rules, expanding training, assessing performance, and providing feedback on strengths and weaknesses.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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