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In the paper “Diversity in the Hiring Practices of LoneStar Landscaping” the author analyzes a positive recruitment of a diverse workforce. He provides some simple strategies, which can be incorporated in the hiring process to address the needs of a diverse pool of applicants…
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Diversity in the Hiring Practices of LoneStar Landscaping
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What strategies can you incorporate during the selection process in order to ensure diversity in the hiring practices of LoneStar Landscaping? Use ofcommon sense plays a fundamental role in positive recruitment of a diverse workforce (Wilde and Shields, 2002). The following simple strategies can be incorporated in the hiring process so as to address the needs of a diverse pool of applicants:
In all publications of the ad, need of diverse skills should be clearly indicated. Public should be conveyed that a diverse working environment is being called for.
All possible efforts should be made for making the process favorable to a diverse applicant pool.
Good communication, perception and expression skills should be valued just as importantly as prior experience.
All possible measures should be exercised to ensure that the selection process is unbiased. Therefore, there should be diversity in the selection committee while a particular candidate is being interviewed. Interview should be conducted in the form of a panel. Emphasis should not be placed on experience alone. There should be a variety of questions to ensure the evaluation of the candidate with respect to various criteria pertinent to various aspects of the job.
Diversity among judges should be encouraged because it ensures rational judgment of the candidates’ skills. “Sometimes what we consider to be appropriate or desirable qualities in a candidate may reflect more about our personal preferences than about the skills needed to perform the job” (UCSF, n.d.).
Accommodation and service needs of disabled candidates should be specifically addressed.
What considerations do Erica and Andrew need to make in order to address the needs of a multicultural candidate pool?
Diversity management are the “organizational goals, policies, and practices that are put into place in order to help such benefits be realized” (Pizam, 2005, p. 280). Erica and Andrew should ensure maximum provision and display of the ad in the location which is abundant in the desired pool of applicants (“Advertising TAMU Jobs”, 2010). Erica and Andrew should first do a preliminary study on the requirements of various communities and conduct an in-depth analysis of their linguistic needs. Erica and Andrew should get the ad published in many languages. It should be clearly stipulated in the ad that the company strictly prohibits any kind of racism against any sect, religion, gender, language or sexual inclination of the candidates. The ad should clearly indicate that individualistic needs of employees from different ethnic and religious backgrounds will be addressed as per the need of hour. What an ad projects plays a fundamental role in fulfilling its purpose. Erica and Andrew should customize their ad so as to make it favorable to attract a diverse pool of applicants in terms of culture, language and religion. This can be achieved by making use of images that show unity among people from different backgrounds. One such image can be of members from different races holding hand in hand. Erica and Andrew should make the workplace modified so as to accommodate culturally diverse employees. Employees from some culture prefer to work in silent environments, while those from other cultures like working in more open and social system. The ad should explain company’s efforts in such ways so that the applicants may be ensured that the work environment will meet their individualistic needs.
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