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Companies and organizations should always be aware that management practices could always influence the performance of employees within their organization. Some practices can motivate or demotivate employees’ performance and this, at the long run can affect the profits of the…
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Hiring practices IP2
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Hiring Practices IP2 due: Hiring Practices IP2 Companies and organizations should always be aware that management practices could always influence the performance of employees within their organization. Some practices can motivate or demotivate employees’ performance and this, at the long run can affect the profits of the organization. Therefore, in order to achieve an organization’s goals and objectives there is need to eliminate all the possible employment practices that do not comply with the standards and requirements of the employment Act (Tunstall, 2010). To enhance the hiring and employment process is fair and without discrimination, a manager should ensure that all activities included review the skills that suit a certain job and that they are consistent with each applicant and not to specific applicants only. As a human resource person, I would recommend that the manager use the guidelines while conducting an interview to hire a marketing representative for our company.
1. How prepared and capable are you to perform the roles and duties related to this job?
2. What language can you read and speak fluently?
3. How can you define marketing in the context of our company?
4. What are your long-term career objectives?
5. What will you do to achieve your individual and company marketing targets?
6. What are the most fundamental laws that govern marketing in our country?
7. How did you develop an interest in marketing industry?
8. How will your knowledge, talents, and skills help our company to establish a significant competitive advantage in the market?
9. What was your experience in your previous job?
10. Highlight and discuss any liabilities, rewards, punishments that you attracted at your previous workstation for violating or adhering to the company’s rules and regulations?
11. How flexible are you to participate in demanding marketing activities?
12. Are there any upcoming events that would require time away from work?
13. How ready and willing to work with our already established schedule?
Summary of Illegal Interview Questions
The objective of every interview is to acquire relevant information and provide a conducive and friendly environment for the applicants, therefore, the interviewing panel should avoid asking unnecessary and uncomfortable questions (Tunstall, 2010). Such questions include:
1. What is your native language and origin? The question may get the applicant annoyed since he or she may assume that the interviewer is interested with his or her fluency.
2. What is your parent’s income? The parent’s income and the applicant’s living does not relate to the applicant’s availability and performance in the organization.
3. We have always been having women for this job. As a man, will you cope with the job?
4. Are you disabled in any way? An interviewer should not discriminate an applicant who has physically or mental challenges.
5. Have you been previously ill or had operations?
6. What is your surname? An interviewer asking such a question is discriminating the interviewee in terms of gender or marital status.
7. Are you a member of any social or political organization? An interviewer should not question applicant’s relationship with particular political or social unions.
8. Do you have any outstanding debt? The interviewer should have a legal permit to ask about the interviewees’ credit background. Without the permit, he cannot ask such a question since it can affect the applicant’s performance in a certain position.
Tunstall, P. (2010). Hiring, training and supervising library shelvers. Chicago: American Library Association. Read More
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