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Critique of a research nursing article - Assignment Example

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\ Critique of a research-nursing article Name Professor Institution Course Date Key words: Research, Data collection, Participants, Sentiments, Qualitative, Interviewee, 1. The question/aim/objective of the study The essay seeks to offer a critical analysis of the article Oh why didn`t take more notice?…
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Critique of a research nursing article
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Download file to see previous pages 2008). The article critique will also assess its design (qualitative), which the authors cite to have utilized in this study with the intention of establishing its relevance to the purpose stated (Weinstein, Colin & Tony, 2003). This is because research in nursing similar to other fields usually seeks to devise effective ways meant to ensure patients’ welfare as well as improving service delivery’s quality (Polit and Beck, 2008). This is via utilizing evidence-based research, which presently numerous scholars have immensely utilized in ensuring medical field’s service delivery is up to date (Polit and Beck, 2008). The assessment of this article has proved the article still upholds its logic. This is via being consistent with the qualitative research that compares information attained from the participants, which comprises assessing people’s perceptions regarding both Interprofessional Working (IPW) and Interprofessional Learning (IPL) (Pollard, Miers & Gilchrist, 2005). Additionally, the critiquing method of this article besides utilizing varied approaches, it assumes Cormack framework. This encompasses detailed analysis of each section making up the entire study’s content (Caldwell, Henshaw & Taylor, 2005). 2. ...
’s design used in this task entails studying people’s experiences and receiving feedbacks concerning both Interprofessional Learning and Interprofessional Working from diverse medical practitioners each representing chosen posts (Thannhauser, 2010). The design is consistent with the entire study’s purpose, whereby the required information cannot have an alternative and effective method to assume this role. Qualitative research in this task enables the assessor to engage the participants who in turn responds willingly and in a relaxed manner (Murphy & Dingwall, 2003). Hence, creating conducive environment where the subjects are capable of expressing themselves without feeling belittled or disregarded (Pollard, Miers & Rickaby, 2012). This is evident from the unstructured interviews undertaken whose core purpose entailed to ensure subjects representing varied positions in the medical field were able to express their sentiments. These interviews were in the locations, which the subjects preferred and they could feel comfortable when expressing their sentiments (Pollard, Miers & Rickaby, 2012). Besides, design allows participants to contribute in what they feel will render the entire task to be successful, hence aiding the researcher to observe their social interactions (Pollard, 2006). For illustration, while working together, participants exhibit strong boldness via questioning the inactiveness of their members who may be representing other disciplines (Pollard, Miers & Rickaby, 2012). Hence, encourage them to contribute both verbally and in actions with the intention of ascertaining the success of the entire study process. However, the collected data and its varied arguments seem to have eluded negative perceptions of the subjects towards Interprofessional ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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