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Qualitative Critique: A qualitative study of nursing student experiences of clinical practice - Assignment Example

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Qualitative Critique on Nursing Clinical Practice Sharif, Farkhondeh and Masoumi, S. (2005). A qualitative study of nursing student experiences of Clinical Practice, Open Access, US: BMC Nursing , pp 1-7. Name of the Student University Name of Professor Number of words 2,977 Abstract This is a critic of the research conducted by Farkhondeh Sharif and Masoumi, S…
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Qualitative Critique: A qualitative study of nursing student experiences of clinical practice
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Extract of sample "Qualitative Critique: A qualitative study of nursing student experiences of clinical practice"

Download file to see previous pages They explicated that the study was basically delving about the knowledge generated from the experiences the nursing students learned from the academe as instrumental in the application of the theories in their clinical practices that could help in the developing an effective clinical teaching strategies for nursing education (Sharif et al., 2005, p. 1-7). Thus, the researchers perceived that delving into the empirical experiences of the nurses could contribute in the development in the theoretical formations that could enhance the nursing curricula (Sharif et al., 2005, p. 1-7). However, at the outset, the researcher clarified that they are limited to 90 respondents only from a university and only their responses were used in categorically qualifying the answers for data analysis. The answers were categorized using themes (Sharif et al., 2005, p. 1-7). These are (a) point of view, (b) initial clinical anxiety, (c) theory-practice, (d) clinical supervision, and ( e ) professional roles (Sharif et al., 2005, p. 1-7). Introduction In this study, which is subject of my critical review, the researchers extensively defined clinical experience in nursing education. The theory provided clinical principles, critical thinking in resolving healthcare issues, including the stresses and brunt affecting them in the workplace and in healthcare management. Such included their anxieties (Sharif & Masoumi, 2005, p. 1-7). I choose this article for critical review because I work as a Nurse and Clinical instructor at the same time. As a medical professional, I believe that it is important to improve and develop new approaches towards better education outcomes, especially for nursing education whose graduates are tasked to provide sensitive healthcare. I share the purview that the article will lead me to explore the necessity about understanding nursing-students’ feelings in order to obtain good outcomes. The review is aimed at gaining knowledge and understanding the major approaches in research and to sight example of research studies pertaining to nursing clinical practice (Ingham-Broomfield, 2013, p. 102). It will analyse evidences on professional clinical care and correlate this in ethical professional healthcare as well as to the standard of the profession (Ingham-Broomfield, 2013, p. 102). The document was lifted from (2013), an online site for research studies devoted for nursing research, training, education and practice. The site claimed to have adhered on a policy which is coherent to scientific knowledge but have less emphasis on interest levels as long as the research conducted contributed to the enrichment of healthcare literatures (BMC, 2013). The site is an open access site and although it has specified formats and prescribed (BMC, 2013). Documents are publicly available without subscription charges although for researchers, it has specific amount as charges for publication (BMC, 2013). The site is also automatically indexed by 17 prominent webs that offer indexing services (BMC, 2013). All published materials are subject to editorial policies and reviews. The title of the article I have chosen to review is A qualitative study of nursing student experiences of Clinical Practice. Though the title expressly noted that the research used qualitative method of study and therefore the analysis are confined from narratives and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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