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What is the relationship between the services provided by HR managers and other leaders with regards to the levels of staff commitment - Essay Example

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The bureaucratic and closely controlled economies of the Cold War period have resulted in economies that are characterised by free trade, an age of technological advancement and enhanced communication where the Internet has revolutionized the ways of doing business during the contemporary period. …
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What is the relationship between the services provided by HR managers and other leaders with regards to the levels of staff commitment
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Extract of sample "What is the relationship between the services provided by HR managers and other leaders with regards to the levels of staff commitment"

Download file to see previous pages Basically, the purpose of this quantitative, descriptive nature of research is to explore the relationship between critical dimensions between HR services provided and employee retention by surveying 1000 members from different branches in a financial institution based in Doha in the State of Qatar. The study also aims at assessing the available information about human resource practices, especially the focus is on how effectively the leaders can retain the employees through devising effective techniques that can be utilized, the role of HR personnel in improving employee commitment as an important objective of this study. The study also identifies the limitations of the leaders in their approach of suggesting improvement. The independent variable will be the job satisfaction and thus the retention of the employees, while this will be tested against several dependent variables such as (a) wages and bonuses (b) recognition on the job (c) teamwork and (d) availability of training, giving responsibility to the employees, flexibility of the leaders while dealing with his subordinates and similar variables. Chapter two specifically deals with reviewing of published literature that is relevant to the study which influenced the careful selection of the method of data collection to be implemented in the study. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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