The Motivation to Work and Organisational Commitment - Assignment Example

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The focus of this assessment “The Motivation to Work and Organisational Commitment” is on the employee and how the domestic and foreign business leader utilizes the theory of job design, motivation, and organizational commitment in order to drive company or industry success…
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The Motivation to Work and Organisational Commitment
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Download file to see previous pages It is important, first, to identify different theories of organizational commitment, as building employee loyalty and trust appear to be some of the most primary and fundamental aspects of managing employees. In Taiwan, a recent study using data collected from 376 technology industries indicated that leadership style was greatly related to the level of organizational commitment in employee populations (Chih and Lin, 2009). It was further discovered that transformational leadership was the most preferred leadership style in order to gain employee loyalty to the business (Chich and Lin). This type of leadership style is more people-focused and flexible in terms of internal policy-making and the softer point of view in terms of how important the business values relationships with subordinates. In order to gain organizational commitment in Taiwan, it would be necessary to use a more human resources-focused type of leadership where employees are encouraged and developed to succeed. This type of business model would provide the necessary training to managers to ensure that they understand the cultural and personal values of their employees and use modern psychological theories to build belonging and a positive social environment. The method by which managers interact with employees would be the focus of this business model. The theory that leadership style is the most important aspect of gaining organizational commitment provides opportunities for innovation in management and gives greater flexibility toward meeting the needs of a diverse population of employees. Managers can create adaptable internal policies and activities which remain focused on satisfying employee social and psychological needs, strengthening internal relationships between managers and employees in the process. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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