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Motivation in Business - Assignment Example

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This assignment describes motivation in business. This paper outlines the importance of motivation, the role of creativity, commitment, energy as the way to motivate employees. This paper analysis the monetary incentive, learning, growth, creativity, and innovation…
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Motivation in Business
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Download file to see previous pages There are many reasons why it is important to have a highly motivated workforce and all of them have become integral parts of the bottom line, to give something positive for the organization’s performance, especially in a highly competitive environment. In this paper, the author tries to incorporate some reasons why it is important to have a highly motivated workforce in an organization. From the perspective of a business consultant, some important moves in order to increase the motivation of employees and the implementation of these actions are discussed. The importance of motivation Motivation has varying definitions because there are different approaches that could explain it including instinct, drive, arousal, incentive, cognitive, and the hierarchy of needs (Feldman, 2003). At some point, it is more effective to combine all these approaches in order to explain what motivation is all about. For example, an individual’s effort to survive after an accident can be explained as an impact of his instinct to survive, then he would seek for medical help from the perspective of drive-reduction, and then his expectation that the doctors could help him can be justified using the cognitive perspective (Feldman, 2003). Applying the concept of motivation at work is important for the organization to tap the maximum potential of its workforce. ...
Although, for instance, the lack of creativity may not simply imply a lack of motivation because not all people are creative in nature or has the ability to be creative. Fortunately, employees can be motivated in order to achieve the expected energy, commitment, and creativity. Energy It is important to motivate employees because motivation can actually provide them with the energy they need in order to perform their maximum function. From the point of view of Herzberg’s two-factor theory, employee’s satisfaction at work can significantly provide them with substantially high energy in order to do what they are expected of (French et al., 2008). However, Herzberg just emphasized that employees should have the ability and opportunity prior to motivating them. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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