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Promotional for the Launch of Jaguars XE Spy - Business Plan Example

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This work "Promotional Plan for the Launch of Jaguar’s XE Spy" describes the target market and target position of the company. From this work, it is obvious that there is a huge improvement in its sustainability techniques which will try to attract more pollution conscious customers. The author outlines the role of designing the print advert…
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Promotional Plan for the Launch of Jaguars XE Spy
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Extract of sample "Promotional for the Launch of Jaguars XE Spy"

Download file to see previous pages So, the target market constitutes high net customers, that is, those who have a high-income level and who are willing to own another luxury car for upgrading their status. The targeted customers are educated, affluent personnel who are fascinated by fast cars and have an inclination towards new brands. It targets the young average age consumers who are gadget freak. Two age groups have been created such as professionals both male and female within the age of 30-45years (single or married) and executive modern families within 30-40years (two-plus children) (Motohashi, 2015). The new product is aimed to fulfill the needs of those individuals who are looking for a stylish, high-quality performance from a technologically advanced yet safe vehicle. The product promises to provide a fun and sensational riding experience.
The Jaguar XE Spy targets primarily the UK market since there is the availability of high-end customers. Recently, there has been an increase in the base of skilled workers who can keep pace with the growing demand for the research and development department. The political scenario here is also favorable for the successful running of the product. The Industrial Regulation plans are flexible and taxation is not strict. The government also welcomes Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) into the British market. Hence, there can be future tie-ups or mergers between companies which will lower the positive externalities. The raw materials are also easily available at an affordable cost making the whole production procedure cost-efficient. It also has plans of expanding outside the UK like in South East Asian nations depending upon how it performs and how well it is accepted by the customers. It also aims to launch its product where the premium price goods are in demand. The UK is one such destination. So it seems the UK market is optimal for the launch of Jaguar XE Spy.
There are basically two types of tools for promotion. They are categorized as Traditional Tool and Digital Tools of promotions (Lou, 2014). Jaguar aims at applying both the methods of promotion so that it can create mass awareness regarding its new product. Traditional tools are those tools which have been the main promotional instruments for ages. It basically comprises of print media such as newspaper ads, pamphlets, magazines, brochures, coupons, sales flyers, etc.; also include radio, outdoor billboards, and direct mail (Lantos, 2015). Newspaper ads are very common and exist till now. Basically, the company pays the newspaper agency for space it uses to advertise the new product. This instrument is a famous method that has a larger impact on viewers because of almost every household purchases newspapers. Even magazine ads are highly effective. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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Promotional Plan for the Launch of Jaguars XE Spy Business.
(Promotional Plan for the Launch of Jaguars XE Spy Business)
Promotional Plan for the Launch of Jaguars XE Spy Business.
“Promotional Plan for the Launch of Jaguars XE Spy Business”.
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