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Transformational Leadership: Gender Differences - Case Study Example

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A leader in any organizational setting such as business, school or politics is considered effective if he/she succeeds in aligning the behaviors and opinions of the followers toward his/her desired ends.This is how leadership is communicated to the target group, which uses “influence tactics.”…
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Transformational Leadership: Gender Differences
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Download file to see previous pages This is also described as the autocratic, direct control or task-oriented style of leadership. Transformational leadership, on the other hand, is the more subtle and interpersonal approach that communicates leadership through idealized influence, individualized consideration and intellectual stimulation. It aims to inspire followers and raise their levels of motivation and morality. In effect, transactional leadership uses power while transformational leadership uses persuasion. This paper reviews the growing body of literature that favors transformational leadership over the transactional style as the more effective way for leaders to attain their organizational goals. In the process, we extrapolate on the influence of gender in communicating leadership behaviors. Specifically, the questions we want to address are: What are the differences or similarities in the way men and women communicate transformational leadership, which is conceded to be the more ideal leadership style? Do women make better leaders than men? These particular questions are relevant to perceptions that the influence tactics characterized by the autocratic approach are identified with men while the interpersonal style is attributed to women leaders. If women and men are to be valued equally as leaders, there is a need to understand such differences that may occur either as a result of gender or as a result of workers’ reactions to leaders based on gender. The idea that leadership behavior differs between the transactional and transformational styles was first introduced by Burns ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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