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Need of HRM - Essay Example

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Most of the industrialized economies like Australia- New Zealand, Western nations, Asia-Pacific and South-Asian nations have neglected the human resource management in the their Industrial relations over several decades. …
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Need of HRM
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Download file to see previous pages Need of HRM: It is studied over the years that the Industrial relations in countries and regions have come under the influence of various situations and players such as economic imperatives, political philosophers, the role played by state in determining the direction of economic and social development, the business communities and the unions, the role of the colonial governments and their legacies. The objectives of the labour welfare have been achieved via freedom of the unions, right to strike and collective bargaining. (Syrian Desilva) Industrial relations shall influence the employers and employers’ organizations, so as to make them aware of labor law, labor welfare and the industrial competitiveness. Many of the organizations in Asia-Pacific are poorly equipped with this type of knowledge which can make valuable change in their policy decisions. These facts suggest that the employers’ organizations has to develop planned Industrial relations in order to nurture the growth of Human Resource Management (HRM) policies for augmenting the competitiveness. It becomes a matter of debate that in view of HRM policies whether the labour markets are to be deregulated or not. The objectives should be properly understood and legitimate areas of legal prescription are to be carefully identified. In the Industrial relations the efficiency of the labours plays a vital role. Inequality makes the labours inefficient. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Need of HRM Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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