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How will Management Strategic Changes help reduce Labour Turnover in Calvin Klein - Dissertation Example

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Strategic Management Changes to reduce Labor Turnover in Calvin Klein 1. Summary In a broader sense, the calculation of labor turnover in terms of number of employees who leave an organization over a period, usually a year, as a percentage of total number of employees takes into account resignations, redundancy, dismissals, voluntary retirement, retirement and deaths…
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How will Management Strategic Changes help reduce Labour Turnover in Calvin Klein
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Extract of sample "How will Management Strategic Changes help reduce Labour Turnover in Calvin Klein"

Download file to see previous pages A proactive management can intervene suitably and avoid labor turnover caused due to personal reasons by assisting the people to overcome those problems. This will increase the retention level and the investment made by the company to train them during the period of their services will be justified, if the general retention level is at satisfactory level. The study focuses the strategic management changes required in relation to labor turnover in Calvin Klein. Calvin Klein is a publicly traded company in the fashion industry founded by American fashion designer Calvin Klein with its head quarters in New York. The product portfolio is wider and includes women's and men's clothing, handbags, footwear, bedding, bath, dinnerware, perfumes underwear for men and women and panties, bras, and sleepwear for women with worldwide operations. The research questions are directed at study and analysis of the current trend in labor turnover and the causes thereof with the aim of seeking logical solutions for taking effective measures to reduce the labor turnover and introduce changes in the style of the management to address the important and long term issue of labor turnover. The chief objectives of introducing changes and formulating strategies are discussed along with the limitations involved in introducing the changes and implementing the strategies. The recommendations are given along with the managerial implications thereof after a thorough analysis of various factors and management issues involved. Strategic Management Changes to reduce Labor Turnover in Calvin Klein Table of contents 1. Research questions 4 2. Project aims 4 3. Objectives 5 4. Literature review 7 Causes of labor turnover 7 Trends in the labor market 8 Retention policy 9 Converting the problems into opportunities 10 5. Analysis 11 Calvin Klein’s operations and business 11 Labor environment 12 Leveraging the strengths in the operations and business 12 Human resources management 13 Measures to mitigate labor turnover 15 Retention policy 16 Tactics to keep labor turnover under control 16 Retention vs. Labor turnover 18 Evaluation of Performance and performance rewards 19 6. Discussion 20 Diversity in work places 20 Maintaining labor turnover at healthier level 21 Role of HRD 21 Exit interviews 22 Changes in human resources management structure 22 7. Methodology 23 8. Project approach and planning 23 9. Conclusion 25 10. References 28 11. Appendices 30 1. Research questions What are the reasons for the current level of labor turnover? Is the labor turnover in tune with the prevailing trend? What are strategic management changes which will have positive impact on labor turnover? What are the changes required in management policy in respect of retention of labor to keep labor turnover under control? 2. Project aims The issues of labor turnover and retention policy of the management are two sides of the coin. Due to the interrelationship between these two concepts, changes in the management style will have positive effects on the overall performance. The research aims 1. To analyze the causes of labor turnover for the purpose of introducing changes and 2. Formulating strategies for reduction in labor turnover and strengthening the retention policy. The causes of labor turnover are multifarious in an organization. A company with international operations in several countries of the world has several ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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