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Internet Based Commerce vs Traditional Retail Store - Research Paper Example

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The traditional retail store Internet-based commerce business models briefly analyzed here have presented their own advantages and disadvantages in a variety of areas within the business. Each model comes with potential pitfalls and possible success stories.  …
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Internet Based Commerce vs Traditional Retail Store
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Download file to see previous pages This would include items such as site functionality and design, which would be directly "responsible" for the end user's level of interaction with the website. One needs to bear in mind that the salesperson is no longer involved within the transaction process, and hence the ease of use, as well as issues such as copywriting on the site become essential within the user's experience on the site in question. In order to ensure ease of use, the site should have areas clearly indicated as far as terms of use, privacy and security and product categorization, similar to that of the above described retail layout. The consumer will want to access areas of specific interest easily, and arguably more quickly without having to wade through piles of information or web pages to access what they are searching for. A suitably designed site, together with search functionality may aid in solving these issues.
Besides the aesthetics and appeal of the site in question, one has to ensure that the hosting provider or the account which the entrepreneur has with the hosting provider is sufficient to cater for the amount of traffic that may be attempting to access the site. This is specifically relevant for heavy traffic sites, which need to have sufficient and adequate server capabilities to handle large amounts of traffic. Equipment such as dedicated servers may be required in order to host the site in the event of a large volume website / online store. This is not to say though that the site will automatically start getting visitors, as the additional tasks of marketing and advertising will be required to generate interest in the site. More relevant to the online store, as well as the online world in general is the issue of search engine optimization (SEO), which in a nutshell is specifically relevant to the site structure in making it easily accessible to the search engine spiders that index the millions of websites on the internet.  ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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