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At the outset, I want to thank you for considering my opinion about John Smith’s ability in handling the role of Project Leader in _ Department. I have been interacting with John from past two years in the capacity of a Manager…
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My opinion about John Smiths ability in handling the role of Project Leader
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Extract of sample "My opinion about John Smiths ability in handling the role of Project Leader"

Dear ___________ , At the outset, I want to thank you for considering my opinion about John Smith’s ability in handling the role of Project Leader in ___________ Department. I have been interacting with John from past two years in the capacity of a Manager.
John has put in meritorious service during his career stint in my department. He has been in the organization from past 6 years, which makes him well versed with the product, procedures and the methods of dealing with the strategies of the competitors. He is in constant interaction with various clients and always meets their expectations pertaining to the task assigned to him. He has handled several detail-oriented projects and accomplished the task most efficiently. John’s major responsibilities include preparing weekly reports, corresponding with the customers, working on client feedbacks and generating new sales leads. He has always received maximum annual raise and incentives on several occasions for his commendable work.
John is hardworking, diligent, punctual, reliable, dedicated and organized. He has the ability to complete all the assignments without any supervision. He ensures that all the tasks are completed well within the timeframe assigned to him. He has excellent research and writing skills. John is always the first one in the department to highlight any flaw that he encounters. He does not tolerate slightest of errors. These are some of his strengths.
In addition to these, he has certain weaknesses, which if taken in the right perspective can be considered as some of his major strengths. Due to his high expectations about the set standards at work many a times his peers have found it difficult in reaching to his set standards for an endeavor. He has mentored some of his colleagues to achieve better standards at work
He has proposed several initiatives that have made the processes lot simpler and cost-effective. Some of them include the technology driven initiatives for taking weekly reports, improving product knowledge of the employees and reducing customer complaints. He has also contributed extensively in the design and development of the departmental website and online magazine, which is highly appreciated by everyone within our team.
John has exceptional ability of carrying out tasks independently. He is often referred to as the “one man army” in our department. Due to his vast experience in the organization and through knowledge about the process, he has often worked on various projects single handedly. He organizes and plans all the activities pertaining to the projects and always ensures that it is completed within the schedule.
John may require some training pertaining to acquiring leadership and team management skills because most of the time he has carried out tasks independently. With these training programs in place, I am sure he will competently handle the new responsibility. He is well qualified and can excel in any task assigned to him. I am sure he will be an asset to the new department as well considering his exceptional skills and abilities. I wish him the very best in all the future endeavors.
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