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Event Management Hosting a variety show event Reflective Report - Essay Example

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It is necessary when having an event to plan early to ensure the event meets all the objectives and targets. Consideration of the desired outcomes is also a major requirement. Evaluation of…
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Extract of sample "Event Management Hosting a variety show event Reflective Report"

Download file to see previous pages The choice of the venue came along on consideration of how strategic is the reception in terms of probable customers. With the team cooperating, the event was a success and it was a joy to meet most of the objectives.
The cake sale activity was planned urgently by our team to evaluate how best we can manage an event with little time to prepare. It was worth trying and putting in practice skills acquired in class, in real life scenario, having learnt the concepts of event management. The activity was in place at the university reception with the aim of making one of the successful activities of the group.
Detailed in this report are the experiences, reflections and the lessons in the event. It consists of the objectives of the team, description of the activities, and how the team members managed the event and the skills attained. The report also describes the event, the objectives, the venue, participants, budget, and the execution of the activity and the evaluation of the whole activity.
Spurred on with the target of setting a record in such an event, we split the team into four to cover specific tasks. I was voted the project manager to be responsible for overseeing the entire event and making sure that every group is on top of their task. The first group was to organize on how to get the cakes from the suppliers, Sweet Cakes Company into the venue. The second group was to make arrangements of the venue and ensure cleanliness in the day of the event. They were also to set up the tables to place the cakes. The third group (marketing group) had the responsibility of marketing the event in terms of distributing posters about the event all over the university. The fourth group was to take on the selling responsibility and taking customers through the brands.
In every activity, setting out objectives is a major step towards achieving the desired goals or results (Damm, 2012). Setting objectives helps ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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