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Equity vs. Equality and Merit in Compensation - Essay Example

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This brief essay gives a profound comparison of equity with equality and merit in regard to compensation, which are the fundamental principles that are used in the organization of a labor market and the determination of the structures of pay as well as reward.
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Equity vs. Equality and Merit in Compensation
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Download file to see previous pages The author of the essay Equity vs. Equality and Merit in Compensation makes a detailed analysis of considerations related to the principles of equity and equality that has been very much a part of the debate about the structure of reward or compensation systems since the early 1970s. Researcher finds that apart from issues related to the inequality of sexes in a society and gender mainstreaming, the principles of equity and inequality also have an impact on matters related to egalitarianism, racial equality and poverty alleviation as well as the satisfaction of the wants or desires of an individual through the selling of their skills and expertise. At the end the author comes to the interesting and thought-provoking conclusion. Whereas the principles of equity and equality as well as the notion of merit in the allocation of resources or rewards, such as compensation or wages represent some of the fundamental considerations associated with such decisions, employees generally feel happy when they know that they have been fairly treated in regard to their compensation under the circumstances in which they may find themselves. Equity with an attempt to consider the requirements of a job when deciding on pay usually results in the fairest determination of compensation as an individual is fitted to a job. Equality is fair for a group, but can disadvantage individuals while recognition of merit provides employee satisfaction in terms of the recognition of their outstanding work efforts. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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