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Human resource Management is, perhaps, the oldest and most widely researched subject in management. Yet, as technologies change, cultural diversities occur and people’s expectations undergo fundamental shifts towards newer and newer dimensions.Professionals are gaining more say in the running of organizations and it will be discussed in the paper…
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Evaluating Human Resource Managment
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Download file to see previous pages orms of flexibility exist (technology, organizations and systems) which are also important factors to bear in mind when considering the flexible workforce. Since the early 1980s, research by John Atkinson and others (Atkinson 1984: Atkinson and Meager, 1986 etc) suggests that firms are increasingly seeking and achieving greater flexibility from their workforce. Four forms of flexibility were identified, which have been packaged together to develop a flexible firm model:
Numerical means the emergence of new forms of contract based on limited employment periods such as temporary contracting, part-time contracts, and zero hour contracts etc. This allows the firm to move people in and out rapidly and respond to changing market demands. Numerical Flexibility involves changing the quantity of employee input. Quantitative changes include:
Hiring numbers of employees
Specified hours of work
Organization uses part-time employees
Organization uses temporary employees, whose contracts can be terminated, using liberal provisions on hiring and dismissals.
The extent of numerical flexibility is a function of the severity of certain restrictions. Numerical Flexibility is typically constrained by rights to protection against unfair treatment, Numerical flexibility constrained by rights to redundancy benefits, and by restrictions on freedom to restructure through requirements to consult, negotiate, or gain legal approval

Functional means the emergence of teamwork and the broadening of established job boundaries and skill definitions. Flexible organization of the workplace involves high skills and a collaborative approach to work. Its features are:
Broadening job design and job boundaries: Willingness among employees to adopt new working practices such as team working and...
This paper approves that people whose work is highly specialized, repetitive and routine may become dissatisfied with their job. This dissatisfaction often shows itself by reduced output, increased absenteeism and high staff turnover. This very quickly reduces effectiveness of a work area, and influences the effectiveness of the whole organization. A number of approaches have been developed to try to overcome this problem. Among these are job enlargement, job enrichment, job rotation, and semi-autonomous work groups.
This essay makes a conclusion that the differences or variances in job flexible is relative to the working environment and human motivation. It is then recommended that managers should be aware that distinct attributes and factors may influence the level of job satisfaction among different occupations within business organizations. The combined effects of all the variables for the aggregate population and by occupation clearly demonstrate that achieving job satisfaction and organizational goal is possible through flexible workforce. Additional researches with participants in other environmental settings and conditions are essential. The manner of implementation of Flexibility in workforce significantly affects employee’s views and beliefs as well as the manner in which they exercise or do their responsibilities. But definitely,
Flexile workforce plays an important role in the success, efficiency and soundness of Human Resource management of an organization. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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