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Professor 20 November 2013 Human Resources in Action A) Recruitment The companies chosen for analysis are Marriot International and Kimpton Hotels and restaurants. Both organizations feature on Forbes’ list of the top 100 companies to work for…
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Download file to see previous pages None of them have simply listed the positions. After clicking on the links provided by the companies, it is possible to find details about the jobs. Marriot has summarized the job position alone (Marriot International 3). It has not given additional information about the skills or qualifications needed to do the job. One is expected to deduce that from the description. Conversely, Kimpton has taken the time to outline all the duties and responsibilities, skills as well as the experience required to perform the job (Kimpton Hotels 2). The company has also outlined some of the objectives against which the applicant will work towards. Marriot may have refrained from including this information because the job is of a lower skill and will only be done part time. Regardless of these circumstances, an applicant would still want to know what would make them stand apart. What the sites do well has done a good job of identifying the job location. It has placed a map beside the job description so as eliminate any ambiguities. The organization has also clearly outlined the typical routines required to take on the role of a guest service representative. On the other hand, Kimpton did exceptionally well in describing the work environment of the company as well as the duties and experience of the employee. The fact that it had headings in the job positing was quite helpful. Both sites were moderately easy to navigate. One had to type in the nature of job that one requires in a search box before one could get responses. This process may sometimes waste time. Recommendation Good job postings ought to have clear headings. Marriot International hotel called their room attendants guest service representatives. Job seekers may not understand this title; it would have been better to use the generic name. Both organizations did not clarify the amount of time that one would spend performing certain duties as some could have more weight than others. In the future, it would be better to rank these duties in terms of percentages. Kimpton clarified issues about benefits but Marriot did not, yet this could be a deal breaker. Future job descriptions for Marriot should be more than a list of responsibilities for the said persons. They should include more information about job priorities, the work environment and many more features. B) Selection Three different methods Based on the job description for the general assistant manager Poste Brasserie Restaurant in Washington DC, it is possible to use the following methods of recruitment: job advertisements in newspapers or the internet, a recruitment agency, or a personal recommendation. Personal recommendations may come from one’s colleagues or peers in the same industry. Usually, referrals work best for organizations that are trying to save money as they will not have to place expensive advertisements on newspapers or the like. Furthermore, they usually come from a trustworthy person who has knowledge and experience in the industry. Conversely, they may narrow down the candidate's job pool to simply one person. Organizations may miss out on highly talented and useful individuals who were not recommended by the concerned person. Alternatively, a referral may be biased towards the applicants, especially if the referee and referrer are related. Online and newspaper advertisements may also be another way of recruiting a general assistant restaurant manager. These could be slightly costly as the organization has to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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HUMAN RESOURCES IN ACTION Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words - 1.
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