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Cross Cultural Organizational Behaviour-<Fear and Trembling> - Assignment Example

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Name: Instructor: Task: Date: Cross Cultural Organizational Behavior Understanding workers and ways of improving their productivity continues to spark interests in psychologists and managers to allow for long-term improvement. It often comes with extensive research such as Herzberg's motivation-hygiene theory that is crucial for management (Sheldrake 161)…
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Cross Cultural Organizational Behaviour-&ltFear and Trembling&gt
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Download file to see previous pages In human resource management, the Herzberg’s two-factor theory states that both job dissatisfaction and job satisfaction exist, but work independently of another. This means it is guided by the fundamentals of attitudes and motivation to integrate practicality when enhancing workers’ productivity. The theory was advanced by Frederick Herzberg and it continues to streamline the human resource management in terms of recognition, advancement, achievement and even responsibility. On that account, the movie Fear and Trembling directed by Alain Corneau attempts to evoke Herzberg’s two-factor theory in particular scenes with emphasis on its numerous characters. This is exemplified in Amelie’s return to Japan after many years seeking a reconnection and a means of integration, but the circumstances and conditions are difficult. On that perspective, the protagonist’s behavior is an epitome of a reformed attitude and motivation to perform her duties in a different way that evokes a sense of responsibility and recognition. Amelie also intends to increase her satisfaction in serving her nation, but the retrogressive forces such as those depicted by Ms Mori acted by Kaori Tsuji are hell-bent on questioning her willingness to work. In the same account, the lead character’s embodiment of humility in facing her tasks as a translator at an import/export company does not favor her because she barely remembers the Japanese cultural norms (Sheldrake 164). Unfortunately, this negates her intentions that Herzberg asserts that are guided by higher-level gratification and other forms of psychological needs rather than mere competence. Contrastingly, Ms Mori’s callous trait represents the two-factor model of failing to offer the worker the set of job characteristics that will spur satisfaction. Instead, she belittles Amelia particularly in the scene where the protagonist requests for better work conditions to fully integrate in her native country. This clearly demonstrates Herzberg's motivation-hygiene theory of diminishing one’s job attitudes and eventual productivity. It is also evident when Ms Mori delegates Amelie to become a bathroom attendant not as a means of recognizing her efforts but as a revenge tactic to demoralize her efforts. The scene provokes a sense of defeat in the motivated worker and is further manifested when Amelie angrily tells refuses to renew her contract. Such a scenario in any job setting is a replication of worker subjugation and exploitation that cannot be prevented thus Herzberg’s conclusion on the two-sidedness of job satisfaction in various firms. According to Herzberg's motivation-hygiene theory, the plight of Amelie in the import/export company remains evident in the scene where the main character finally meets the company’s president. The office evokes a sense of cultural Japan when people addressed the Emperor and was a sign of reverence and contentment. In the work context, it displays a renewed hope and motivation in the incompetent translator who has been thoroughly humiliated by Ms Mori in her quest to crush any form of productivity. Additionally, Ms Mori’s retrogressive display of converting a former translator to a bathroom attendant clearly proves her failure to distinguish the building blocks of Herzberg's ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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