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Realisms Depiction of International Relations - Essay Example

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This essay stresses that realism theory endeavours to understand world the way it is, tackling the dynamics of power and interest that states hold in their interaction with other states in order to control global politics. Realism is seen as a theory that advocates for limited cooperation between countries. …
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Realisms Depiction of International Relations
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Extract of sample "Realisms Depiction of International Relations"

Download file to see previous pages Therefore, in entering any agreement with any country, a state is always aware of the likelihood of cheating and the potential comparative gain that might result from the arrangement (Simpson 2001). Due this fear, courtiers must act to safeguard their interest so that in case of partners’ noncompliance with the bilateral or multilateral agreement, the state is not exposed to economic or security risks (Grieco 1999). Such a move should not translate into limiting cooperation with other states, but as a measure that will protect the country from exploitation by its partners. Realism has also developed to accommodate new trends that characterize international relations. Economic globalization has made it a must for cooperation as opposed to isolation of country from outside influence. Industrialized countries have been able to reap a lot of benefit due to this improved cooperation with other states (Jackson & Sorensen 2007). Such cooperation has become apparent especially with countries like USA, which traditional follows the realist ideology to increase its interaction with others for greater influence and economic gains. Although globalization has made cooperation among countries inevitable, different countries do not trade on the same platform. Some countries benefit more than the other does in any international agreement. Since every country is serving its interest in the agreement, some countries are bound to gain more than the others do, as is mostly the case when developed countries trade with third world countries. Developed countries use their superior economic and technological power to get cheap raw material from developing countries and then sale the processed...
This essay stresses that international organization presented by liberal institutionalism cannot stop countries from acting according to the balance of power system, calculating how each of their moves affects their relative position in the in global arena where stiff completion is the order of the day. Realists argue that international institutions cannot provide a muscular and timely response to aggression by power hungry states. A good example of this is the Syrian case where the government has taken part in the bombing of civilian habitats killing many yet the international institutions could not move in to stop the killing. Another key example of failure for liberal institutionalism to depict international relations is the failure of international institutions to act on the threat that North Korea’s accumulation of nuclear energy post to international security. Therefore, countries protect their interests by trusting in their own power and not on an international authority
This paper makes a conlusion that international relations are guided by the need of states to get the best out of its interactions with other states. To achieve this, states will seek to protect their economic interests and further their influence in the international politics. The failure of international institutions to be tough on aggressive states has increased the need for countries to act in their best interest due to the stiff competition in international politics and economy. Only the established balance of power can dictate how far a state can advance its interests. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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