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Political Science questions - Essay Example

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A number of scholars describe realism in many forms but majorly two critical philosophical descriptions detail the aspects of realism. These include the realism view as per the medieval philosophy relates realism as a representation of the position taken in relation to the problems affecting the universe…
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Political Science questions
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Download file to see previous pages These reflected into two that is extreme realism and moderate realism that all provide a different opinion on realism. Extreme realists William of Champeaux related realism as a position in which the universals exist through an independence of the humans and other particular things related in the field. On the contrary, other philosophers viewed this realism as so extreme and considered realism in the eyes of God as the relation through which particular things are created. This moderate theory as proposed by St. Thomas Aquinas and John of Salisbury. In relation to political realism, international relations come to consideration.
These relate to general theories of political realities of the world. The aspect of political realism on this international perspective reflects aspects of competiveness within international communities and conflicting aspects that relate to the ultimate security aspects. Idealism and liberalism are part of this realism parameters. Idealism and liberalism deal more with the emphasizing of cooperation’s on an international level. It is therefore fair to conclude the position of the world based on realist as a connection of different states with regard to competition that has raised conflicts through which security has soured. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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