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Classical Realism, Neo Liberalism and Constructivism - Essay Example

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The essay "Classical Realism, Neo Liberalism and Constructivism" discovers the strengths and weaknesses of Classical Realism, Neo Liberalism and Constructivism. Classical realism has the implication of reflecting the pessimistic aspect of human nature. …
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Classical Realism, Neo Liberalism and Constructivism
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Extract of sample "Classical Realism, Neo Liberalism and Constructivism"

Download file to see previous pages Accentuating the similarities between domestic and international relations, as the significance function of ethics and the public in all fields. In this observation, the course of the classical realism reiterates the course for international relations accordingly towards achieving a common ground for development within the state as well as the global continuum. The factors of resolution of violence and related conflicts is as a result of classical realism since it gives insight into , means of addressing challenges from an international perspective. Notably classical realism is responsible for the reduced conflicts as observed at the beginning of the 20th century. Additionally, Classical Realism concentrates on the nature human beings in the pursuit to elucidate the high rate of conflict and battle in global relations. Classical Realism ensures that diplomats have a reason, which they direct to the material concerns of the nation. The illustration in this thought is the realization that a less powerful nation would not attack a better-equipped nation. For instance, in the western side, USA is too powerful compared to its neighbors, a factor that demonstrates the course for nations establishing individual power. In this strength, it is observable that classical realism encourages the domestic autonomy from the civil society with the leadership expected to adopt the democratic rule in which it conforms to the will of the people. The system in effect makes the course for organizing the political system as the central power. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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