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Sales training - Essay Example

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Name Instructor Human Resource Date Sales Training, Development Stage Content Generation Questionnaire A questionnaire will be used to gather personal information from the trainees during the first few minutes of the first lecture. Vital details that will be collected include the names, staff number, the department attached, position of work, and the period that the employee has worked in the organization…
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Sales training
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Download file to see previous pages Three different power points will be created for the morning session, after break session and after lunch lecture. The first power point will cover the definition of sales, its goals, roles, direction and the focus of selling. This will be accomplished with a minimum of 25 slides with comprehensive speaker notes at the bottom. A minimum of 5 images must be used to show marketing dialogue, the role of sales and any related topic idea. The second power point will outline and map the sales process and images depicting models of selling will be included. For the last session, the power point presentation will cover, in a minimum of 15 slides a reflection of the video that will be used to induce hands-on experience in selling (Amy 79). All power points will be colorful and animated and questions must be used at each stage to evoke critical thinking from trainees. A laptop, projector and white board will be availed for the purpose of this training session. Video A sales marketing video will be obtained from and will be availed in the last session. The video will cover field marketing and will present different scenarios that are likely to be experienced during training. Person to person sales and making sales in a conference will be two scenarios that will be captured in the video. The CD will be provided and played through the laptop. Evaluating the Learners After the three lecture sessions, a questionnaire will be handed to the trainees and they will be required to respond to the questions. Questionnaire method is superior in obtaining quick responses from the trainees as all of them respond at the same time. The questionnaire will test on the sales skills that the learner acquired and the possible methods of tackling specific problems in the marketing field. The test will continue a marketing scenario to test the learner abilities to employ effective marketing approaches in different marketing situations. Guidance Session Timing Trainer Guidance Trainee Guidance Lesson 1 1 hour 30 minutes Must emphasize definition, and mechanics of selling. questionss in power points must be asked to student. Remain interesting, use speaker note to explain Take notes, participate, ask questions Lesson 2 1hr 30 minutes Outlining and mapping of sales covered Refer to Ppt speaker notes Use questions at each point Engage learners Trainees get back to their seating positions. Note taking of crucial points Lesson 3 1hr 30 minutes The teacher will play the video twice, and then use the power point to reflect on the video. Interactive questions. Every trainee presents their opinion on the scenarios depicted in the movie Note the various key skills in marketing The timeline of the lesson will be reviewed after the first lesson. It may be wise to reduce the time for the second session and increase that of the last session as the interactive session is expected to take more time. Formative Revisions Formative revisions help to obtain information to help streamline the instructional methods (Tuttle 122). During the instruction process, a critical observation of the training session will be engaged. The time taken to deliver the whole content designed for each lesson will be assessed. Also, the participation of the trainees will be engaged and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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