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My majer is Safety mangmant - Research Paper Example

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Human Welfare at the Workplace Professor Abstract Every organizational leadership team worldwide aims to achieve a higher degree of independence by running its operations more effectively. The Human resource (HR) in an organization is specifically tasked with handling the intricacies of every day management of the human resource in the organization and their potential…
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My majer is Safety mangmant
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Download file to see previous pages This paper explores the practice of I/O psychology aimed at understanding how it can improve human welfare in workplaces. The paper offers goes from outlining a brief history of I/O psychology to exploring how it has been applied in improving HRM and effect it has on workers welfare and hence organization productivity. To this end, the paper offers an account of the existing literature and links the literature to improving human welfare at workplaces. Introduction The history of Industrial Organizational psychology is rooted in a confluence of precursors from philosophy, science and psychology (Koppes&Pickren, 2007). It is a branch involving the practice of theories and practices of psychology to industrial and organizational environments. Levy (2013) says that the I/O psychology serves to access, measure, and offer workforce motivation as well as enhance leadership, employee-employer relations, and job attitudes. Rogeelberg (2007) similarly notes that the goal of I/O psychology is to better understand and ensure the effectiveness, well being, and health of both the workers and organizations. Industrial-organization psychology may be defined as the psychology of scientific study of human behavior at workplace or simply the study of behavior at work (Vuulen, 2010). Industrial-Organizational psychology has been a focus of study for many since it emerged in the 1900s. The real essence of the emergence of the I/O psychology was an attempt to improve job productivity and the quality of lives at workplaces. The new branch of Psychology aimed at solving practical problems at workplaces (Vuulen, 2010). Industrial- Organizational psychology is a double faceted principle aimed at enhancing organizational performance by addressing effective workers performance at contributing to human welfare at workplaces. Relevance of Industrial-Organizational Psychology at work place Most employed people spend a substantial amount of his time at workplaces and therefore the work environment should consider the welfare of the workers, which greatly affects their quality of life. The realization of this fact has led to a rapid of I/O specialty in North America as well as throughout the industrialized world at large (Spector, 2003). Organizations are seeking the services of specialists who can comprehend and assess the human resource behavior to improve the job satisfaction of their workers and thus productivity. Since its inception the Industrial and Organizational psychology has continued to transform the way organization are run and the values that are important in a work environment. The I/O psychology itself has undergone some metamorphism to what it is today under the influence of scientific management, ergonomics and human relations. Human relations is a management approach that has evolved more recently which stresses on the workers and managers’ psychological characteristics underlining the importance of factors such as humane treatment of workers, morale, attitude and values (Cameron 2007, quoted in Cengage Learning, n.d.). Traditionally work was viewed primarily as a means to cover one’s economic needs, a perception that has changed with the human relation management approach that demands workplaces to be run as a social system. Positive interpersonal ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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My Majer Is Safety Mangmant Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
“My Majer Is Safety Mangmant Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words”, n.d.
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