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Effects of Industrialization Effects on the Workplace - Term Paper Example

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Industrialization in the United States attracted numerous forces that have affected the workplace in all the industries. As more people shifted from agriculture to the industrial sector, labor unions formed to govern the rights of the employees in their workplace. …
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Effects of Industrialization Effects on the Workplace
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Download file to see previous pages The employers started demanding for skilled workers who had gone through educational courses to handle the machinery. The human resource function in the workplace was developed. During the initial days of the function, the human resource officers were mainly concerned with ensuring that the employees performances to the required level. They were more concerned with the performance of the employees than their welfare in terms of health and financial compensation (Marler, 2012). The rapid industrialization in the U.S. later changed the function of the human resource department in the organizations. They adopted the task of taking an active role in the employing of the task force. The human resource function would send out the employment advertisements covering the requirements of the employers. They would later evaluate the applicants for their competence level and send the most appropriate applicants to the employers for the final evaluation. Following the development of the activities of the human resource function, the employees would forward their grievances to the employers through the H.R (Marler, 2012). As the human resource function became more concerned with the welfare of the employees, it advocated for the employers to keep improving the working conditions for the employees. This included the workplace safety, compensation for overtime and the provision of leave days. The salaries were revised over and again as the economic environment in the United States worsened. The human resource function in the workplace became the main avenue through which the workers’ rights would be pursued from the employers (Ogunyomi, Shadare & Chidi, 2011). The workplace was made comfortable for the employees including those who were disabled. In the initial...
The industrial revolution that took place in America led to many changes within the American workplace to accommodate the changing trends across the world. These changing trends were influenced by several factors, including capitalism and economic changes, globalization and advances in technology besides social issues like equality. Capitalism and other economic trends influenced workplace changes through advocating for the interest of the workers and restricting the demographics of institutions to incorporate more diversity. Globalization ensured that the client base and target market of companies increase to other nations of which the diversity factors were deemed necessary for such companies. Technology advances influenced other organizations to downsize and restructure levels. Eventually, equality issues were instituted through policy measures after the diversification of employees to ensure that no discrimination was experienced. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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