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Is the pessimistic views of nick sons justified - Essay Example

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Is the pessimistic view of Nickson justified? Name: Institution: Is the pessimistic view of Nickson justified? Labour Turnover Nickson’s pessimistic view regarding the tourism and hospitality industries is justified. The prevailing trends that characterise the industries provide sufficient evidence that Nickson’ view of the industries is indeed factual…
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Is the pessimistic views of nick sons justified
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Extract of sample "Is the pessimistic views of nick sons justified"

Download file to see previous pages The root of this issue centres from, among others, widespread problems inherent in the recruitment of workers in the industries. Existing HRM gaps within the industry have caused a myriad of human resource problems that have ultimately resulted in negative outcomes in labour turnover. Widespread labour problems in the industries is hugely attributable to issues such as poor working and pay conditions, which have long been considered as reasonable, but are now emerging as poor and impractical. The industries typically serve customers who take time out for recreation, which is often spent in travel, lodging, cruises, and amusement parks. In order to serve their customers’ needs effectively, these industries need to maintain a high level of variety of employees, from maintenance staff to customer service representatives. In addition, both industries require massive numbers of employees (Nickson 2013, p. 81). However, the reality of the industries reveals that the industries’ labour relations are not up to standard. Compared to other industries, a dwindling number of employees in the tourism and hospitality industries express the desire to continue working for their present employers. The causes of extensive labour turnover in the industries range from insufficient employee supervision and employees having inadequate responsibilities to the repetitiveness of most jobs. This speaks to extensive inefficiencies in the industries’ HRM, which have not only resulted in poor employee engagement, but widespread gaps in labour-related issues within the two industries (Nickson 2013, p. 6). For instance, in an endeavour to streamline their processes, most tourism and hospitality businesses hire additional employees, including seasonal staff, to ensure that each employee concentrates extensively on a single, minute task and executes it within minimal mistakes. Although this HRM strategy may prove effective in enhancing diverse aspects of the services provided by the industries’ employees it also enhances employee disengagement in their work. Employees typically require the opportunity to start at the bottom and climb the corporate ladder while also gaining experience. Therefore, repetitiveness is a major demoraliser. A lot is required from businesses in the tourism and hospitality industries to retain their employees. However, their HRM strategies are inefficient, and this contributes significantly to the industries’ unique issue with turnover. However, to be fair, the high labour turnover is not necessarily indicative of a problem with organisational strategies if this is the typical system in which the business operates. Nonetheless, labour turnover becomes a major problem when HR managers are constantly obligated to, without prior notice, rehire and train new employees for positions that the business deemed would be held for the long-term (Nickson 2013, p. 67). This is the problem that typifies the vast majority of tourism and hospitality businesses. High labour turnover is particularly problematic in developed economies such as the UK where employees are able to acquire alternative employment when dissatisfied by the HR strategies of their present employers. Low pay The tourism and hospitality industries are some of the most successful and highly profitable industries in the economy. This would typically imply that the industries’ employees are highly paid in light of the high profit margins ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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