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Dealing with conflicts - Assignment Example

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No society exists without conflicts, but it is always wise if those involved come up with a remedy of the conflict. Conflicts are of various magnitudes but this may be ignored when they are solved by those involved in order to reach a consensus…
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Dealing with conflicts
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Download file to see previous pages The land was in a different area from my area of residence. After the purchase, another owner came up claiming that the land was his hence creating a conflict of interest on the right ownership of the land. This was attributed to the fact that, for a long period of time, the area had been faced with problems of land conflict (Adler & Proctor, 2010). This was what I was not aware of and it became a challenge after purchasing the land. It was challenging for me to defend this case because of the difference in our ethnic backgrounds. Date In order to arrive at an appropriate remedy, it was vital that we book an appointment with each other in order to discuss our fate. We agreed to meet after each of us had acquired the right documents that were valid in laying claims on the land. After two weeks, we were all ready to meet each other each accompanied by those who had sold the land. I turned up with all the relevant documents together with the financial transactions that I had undertaken in order to pay for the piece of land (Ronald & Adler, 1981). The claimer on the other hand, also turned up with documents that ended up not being valid and was forced to make a follow up to the person who had sold him the land. The conflict had now been extended to the third party. Negotiation of a Solution The incompatibility between the goals of the buyer and the seller ended up in a conflict between two parties hence a struggle. The scenario indicates that the buyer had negative intentions towards the opposing party with which we were conflicting for the land. The problem in this context was the lack of trust between the initial seller of the land and the buyer who had been conned. Through the win win experiment, it is clear that I won the conflict as it finally came out that the initial seller had negative intentions for his buyer. The seller may have tried to avoid the conflict by defending the first seller but the truth finally came out. This attempt to avoid the truth is a pessimistic attitude and this deceptive behaviour, goes ahead to make the conflict grow hence becoming unbearable in future (Adler & Proctor, 2010). Clans learn to hate their neighbours and conflicts become something normal and part of the society. The need in this context was to find the rightful owner of the land in question. The partner’s point of view was the fact that he also owned the same land I knew was mine. However, further interrogation by using the documents brought a valid solution and the owner was me. Pillow Method The pillow method, serves as a communication tool in which the actions of an individual are justified by his words and sometimes it is through some of the words that a conflict arises. This is because, we are likely to hear something different from what is expected and this may in the end bring about a conflict. For instance, there is the use of the words, “I’m right, you are wrong,” and they serve as judgmental statements that are likely to end up in conflict. Such statements, often elicit conflict in the sense that the parties have not listened to each other yet they are already judging the situation. It is always advisable to find the strengths in other people’s mistakes in order to avoid conflicts. This is however a rare trait in most individuals who are always quick to judge and confront those who wrong them and the result is a conflict (Crosland, 1987). The method was applicable in my conflict case in the sense that we were able to listen to the two differing parties and reach an applicable remedy to the conflict. This shows that communication is essential aspect in solving conflict and without it consensus and agreement cannot be ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Dealing With Conflicts Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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