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Critique (The Peace Maker, Grand Rapids: Baker House, 2004, Sande, Ken)) - Book Report/Review Example

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It provides information on how to deal with daily life personal and spiritual conflicts. The book presents a theological approach to resolving conflicts, in a manner that ceases any disagreement,…
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Critique (The Peace Maker, Grand Rapids: Baker Book House, 2004, Sande, Ken))
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Extract of sample "Critique (The Peace Maker, Grand Rapids: Baker House, 2004, Sande, Ken))"

Critique of the Peacemaker The Peace Maker: A Critique Ken Sande’s spiritual book is an educative and inspirational guide to Christians. It provides information on how to deal with daily life personal and spiritual conflicts. The book presents a theological approach to resolving conflicts, in a manner that ceases any disagreement, but also promotes true reconciliation between the parties concerned (Sande, 2004).
Strengths of the Book
The Peacemaker is a perfect book for dealing with conflicts in every aspect of life. The book bases its theories on biblical backgrounds. Sande outlines the basic steps offered in the bible for solving conflicts. In his example, he quotes that an individual is under obligation to overlook minor conflicts, evade any form of revenge, approach the right people, and use the appropriate channel to handle misunderstandings. Ken recommends that a discussion of conflict between two or more people is appropriate, and if the measure fails, presenting the matter to the church council is acceptable. Using the mediation procedure, an individual considers the ethical concerns and avoid negative consequences.
Weaknesses of the Book
Sande, a lawyer, offers a broad discussion of Christianity and their views in the book. Trough his viewpoint, Sande does not integrate the role of Holy Spirit in the lives of Christians in conflicts resolution. Sande does not clearly depict the Christian belief that once one accepts Christ in his life, then he or she forgets all past deeds and forgives enemies for all wrongdoings. The book recognizes any individual connected with the church as a Christian. Perhaps the broad nature of this book in viewing Christianity is for the purposes of making the book apply to a broad population. In addition, Sande does not clearly create the difference between Old and New Testaments’ provisions on revenge and forgiveness. While Old Testament encourages revenge, the New Testament promotes forgives to the wrongdoer. The New Testament gospel does not support condemnation in the case of conflict between Christians. The book supports that Christians have justification for suing one another, a fact that conflicts New Testament provisions.
Sande, K. (2004). The Peacemaker: A Biblical Guide to Resolving Personal Conflict. Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Books. Read More
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