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International Relations: Realism and Liberalism - Essay Example

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International relations theory has been dominated by the realism because during the World War II liberalism was replaced being a paradigm. With time, liberals restructured their surfaces since they witnessed the state being challenged…
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International Relations: Realism and Liberalism
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Download file to see previous pages Since then there has been misunderstanding between the two paradigms. In order to better understand the two paradigms, differentiating the two will not have solved the problem nor will have answered the intended question. Although at some point, some scholars have not understood well on the two phenomenons because of crucial issues that is the international anarchy, how it affects the states in conjunction to problem experienced because of cooperation. War and peace have always been conflicting concepts that have existed for generations. The idea of war is not only diametrically opposed to peace but it also enshrines an ideology completely different to that of peace. Our understanding of war and peace in International Relations is guided by how states interact with each other, what causes them to remain at peace or go at war, what causes them to cooperate or become hostile towards each other and so on and so forth. In order to realize the importance of peace in International Relations (IR) it is important to understand why and how conflict-situations arise, the dangers associated with conflicts and the alternatives available to conflict inducing political discourse. Liberalism and Realism are two theories that address these opposing views on peace and conflict in International Relations. In order to furnish a paper on the aforementioned question a systematic approach will be taken which will identify the key points of this essay. The paper will begin with a discussion of what Liberalism and the Liberalist theory are and what they purport. The paper will then progress to a discussion of what Realism entails. This framework will help develop a basic understanding of the discussion that will follow. Some of the most important aspects of this paper will be to identify what each theory seeks to achieve and more importantly how it does so. Linked to this fundamental argument will be the concept of interdependence of states followed by a simultaneous country analysis. Following this theoretical framework will be an analysis of the question that will be addressed at three levels: First, the need the Liberalists put forward to employ Liberalist ideologies in International Relations; Second, the right that will justify Liberalism as being better and more practical than Realism; and third, the major criticisms that they hurl at Realists and the problems associated with Realism. This will enable the understanding of why liberal peace is important in International Relations, how it can be achieved and what are the dangers associated with its absence. After a systematic disintegration and reintegration of the question the conclusion will then encapsulate the reasons, logic and theories behind the Liberalist claim, how they have a better alternative and whether they’re justified in doing so Morgenthau, Hasn J. Poltics Among Nations 5. Outline The question that is to be tackled is ‘why do liberal theorists claim that realists have completely ‘overlooked’ the spread of ‘liberal peace’ in international relations?’ in the first instance, an attempt will be made to define the topic in respect to the current world. The paper will be aimed at analyzing all that seem to revolve around this question. The paper will first start by giving a short introductory report which will act as the basis of the report. In order to work well in this assignment, a background of what has been happening in the past will be connected to what is currently happening. In doing so, a clear picture will be illustrated in the essay. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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