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Training work/life Module - Term Paper Example

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Flexibility Work/life program Introduction There has been a growing need for flexibility in workplace. Reilly argues that workplace policies and requirements of most companies today are out of step with the needs of men, women, and the modern workforce at large (13)…
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Training work/life Module
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Download file to see previous pages For instance, the low-income families find balancing the work and family life difficult since they do not have enough money and resources to pay for care for dependants and most of these employees have little or no flexible working schedule. Workers of the middle class bracket also tend to be in a nonflexible work environment where they face the danger of being disciplined or fired in case they fail to report for duties for reasons relating to caretaking emergencies. Women employees also report discrimination during pregnancy or after returning from maternity leave (Christensen and Schneider). At the same time, findings have shown that men also tend to experience negative attitudes from managers and coworkers for seeking flexibility in order to have time for caretaking responsibilities. Reasons for choosing the training program Many companies find it hard allowing flexible work schedule for employees. However, research has shown that flexible working schedules has many benefits that companies operating in today’s business environment should take advantage of by introducing such programs. This has been used as the basis of choosing flexible working schedule as the work/life program that the company should train and adopt. In this regard, the training is intended to equip managers with the best knowledge and skills on how to implement workable flexible working schedules in the company. ...
The program is design for employee because they are directly impacted by the flexible program, while supervisors are directly involved in ensuring its effective implementation. Course syllabus Description of the Training program In order to develop and implement an effective flexibility program in the company, the training program will involve a number of steps and procedures. The first step will involve the development of a business case. This pertains to understanding the problem that the company needs to solve by increasing flexibility. Experts suggest that it is beneficial to look at competitors in the industry with which to benchmark (Romer 61). As such, the company will engage in intensive internal studies to analyze flexibility as a business problem-solver. Once this is done, the company will review its own experience. This will involve reviewing the existing policies and programs to be able to understand how well they operate, and whether there is need for improvement. This will also involve talking to employees who are already operating on a flexible working schedule to understand their experience. In addition, there will be the need to identify a supervisor who can be identified as a role model to be in charge of the implementation of the process. A task force may also be created to look into the options and create a plan. In the event that a taskforce is created, it is important to ensure that it comprises of people who are well respected, and those whose opinions carry weight in the organization. The company will then be involved in the determination of the flexible work options which the company should implement and how they are to be bargained and reviewed. However, it is always necessary to try out new options to see whether ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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